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  1. Don, I can't remember what CRS is.....ha ha. Saw your bio where you were on C-141's. We are about finished restoring 0186 the first 141 to be streached. It's at the museum just out the back gate at Dobbins air base. Go to C-141heaven on the web and check it out. Bill

  2. Didn't know him but I was stationed at Clark as a C-130 crew chief in 1969-70's and know the routine of the flight crews as the crew chief went with his aircraft. Standard rotation of the 40 some odd C-130's and crews were as follows: Bag drag to aircraft and take off around 0600 hrs. Stopped at Subic Bay Navel base P.I. and onload pax and cargo. Flew into Vietnam and stopped at several bases to off load pax and cargo. Flew on to Cam Ranh Bay AB which was the home base while in Vietnam. Crew debriefed and went into crew rest. Crew chief inspected acft. ( BPO/Preflight). Refuel and reconfigure acft., climb up on crew bunk and sleep till 0400 when new air crew arrives. Officers file flight plan FE pulls -1 preflight with crew chief. Loadmaster waits for cargo and waits and waits. Cargo is loaded and officers arrive. Engine start and aircraft backs out of revetment. Crew chief gets sand blasted marshalling aircraft out. Sometims crew chief goes with aircraft but most times not. Crew chief and asst. split up for rest/ work schedule. Airctaft returns around 1700 hrs. Crew boards crew van goes to maint. debrief then to squadron operations debriefs then into crew rest. This routine was for a standard 15-21 day rotation to Vietnam. Some maint. support troops  had a 55 day rotation to CRB also. There would be trips to other countries and some R&R but the main function of the C-130's and air crew/ maint. crews was in support of Vietnam. Normal tour of duty to Clark was 18 months but was shortened to 15 months in 1970. 24 months if you took your family to Clark. This gives you a thumbnail shot of life as an aircrew at Clark.

  3. Pallet loaders are used mainly because a full aircraft load of pallets can be weighed and C/G of the load can be worked out and can be loaded on the K loader(AF lingo) and brought to the aircraft in one trip. Saves a huge amount of time loading the aircraft. K loaders have vertical movement and power rollers to move the pallets onto the aircraft. One at a time forklift loading and unloading is for small bases or airfields that don't have large cargo handling facilities. Bill

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  4. We in the AF Reserves started using Mil-83282 around 1997-98 time frame. Everything that used hyd. fluid on our 81-84 H model C-130's was serviced with 83282 fluid. Serviced all landing gear struts with 83282. Never saw anymore 5606 after that. Retired in 2003 and were still using it then. Bill

  5. Hercinherit, I have a hand written letter signed by your dad that he sent along with an unbound 30th edition, which I had bound. If you would like the letter just PM me your address to this website. I thought a lot of Lars and how much he meant to the C-130 community. RIP Lars.  Bill 

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  6. Your animation of the C-130 ramp and door is incorrect. The cargo door does not lower WITH the cargo ramp as in your animation. You should look at the ramp and door opening and closing operation on a real C-130. This would give you more info to help you design your unloader. The ramp angle when lowered is much sharper in real life and you need a transition ramp such as the vehicle ramps carried on most C-130's which attach to the edge of the ramp for vehicle loading/ unloading.Just a few details I noticed while looking at your clip. Good Luck.

  7. The reporter made more of it than it really was, like they were not strapped in. Those two had their monkey straps on and pulled tight. No problem look at me in my profile picture. I'm on the ramp of my Herk with my legs hanging off Wheeee having fun in Viet Nam!! :D Bill

  8. Just read in "Defense News" the reason the Navy Herk went down last year was a cracked prop blade that broke off and hit the aircraft. The report said the crack was not properly treated in depot where it was discovered. New procedures are in place. This is what they mean when they say "military regs" are written in blood. Very true in many cases. Sad. Bill

  9. Wonderful to see this rare bird going to a good home. To bad she couldn't have found a place at Robins AFB and been restored. Went inside the bird while it was still at Lockheed and I worked there. It was pretty well complete except for the rockets. Would love a bunch of pictures posted on this web site when she is complete. My hat is off to you guys in NY. Bill 

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