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  1. Hello: That design of the door is because of the space the wheel need to go up and down without get stuck. If you go to the emergency and abnormal procedures section of the flight manual, Main Landing gear Extension After Normal and Emergency System Failure, one note say this: Extend the Aft strut firt. The main landing gear doors are opened by a mechanical connection to the aft strut, and damage to the doors could result if the forward strut is extended firt. If the door don't have that shape the wheel would get stuck.
  2. when you speak of hydraulic systems, I know that the left is utility and right is booster. when you're looking back and see a loss of fluid from your left hand, I know I have to cut is the utility. that's why it is reversed. That is to avoid confusion in the emergency procedure.
  3. hi all .. a week ago I discovered a leak of oil from the propeller shaft .. I have started the engine with the propeller to see the leak ... the leak disappeared .. I have changed all the seals, and placing the propeller dome, I saw a movement up and down ... I removed the propeller, and note that I can move the propeller shaft with my hands up and down .. obviously this is not normal .. I need to know how I measure the movement values ​​and normal movement if it accepts...many thanks..
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