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  1. Correct to a point.

    Basic : Aircrew member awarded temporaly 3 level upon completion awarding courses and are permently awarded after successfully completing IQT

    IAW AFI 11-402

    What paragraph are you quoting? Chapter 7 spells it out:

    7.4. Permanent Award of Aircrew Member Badges to US Air Force Members. A USAF CEA, non-rated officer aircrew member, or non-CEA enlisted aircrew member may qualify for an aircrew member badge if he or she is: (a) qualified for USAF aviation service, (B) assigned an active or inactive FSC (not separated, suspended, or disqualified from aviation service) and © not considered a rated asset in the ARC. See also paragraph 7.2.

    7.4.1. Permanently award the basic aircrew member badge to a CEA or other nonrated aircrew member effective the date he or she satisfies the requirement listed in Table 7.1. or meets one of the requirements in paragraphs – below: Member was medically disqualified for further performance of aircrew member duty as a result of wounds received in action while in a designated combat zone and performing primary duty as an aircrew member. The effective date for award of the badge is the same as the effective date of the AO that assigned ASC 03. Member was medically disqualified for further performance of aircrew member duty as a result of injuries received in an aircraft mishap while performing primary duty as an aircrew member. The effective date for award of the badge is the same as the effective date of the AO that assigned ASC 03. Member participated in at least 10 combat missions as a primary aircrew member in a designated combat zone (Combat support missions do not qualify for purposes of this computation. See AFI 11-401 for explanation of missions), or… Member was assigned to perform aircrew member duties and completed a minimum of one operational mission in space (50 miles above the earth). In addition to eligibility for permanent award of the aircrew member badge, the individual is eligible for the astronaut qualifier. Submit application for award of the astronaut qualifier (Attachment 2).

    Table 7.1 refers you back to Chapter 7, but also has this blurp: 36 paid months of Operational Flying.

    OP: Congrats, welcome to one of the best enlisted gigs in the AF.

  2. Congrats, I used to be in the 61st as well. I noticed you live in Austin, I used to live in Orchard Estates.

    Top: Yes, the 61st still flies the E model. The green tails limp in and out of parking but they still get the job done.

  3. Do these newer Herks now carry Oxygen for the passengers?

    If so where? Are they like regular passenger planes and have a mask at each seat?

    USAF Herks carry EPOS or Emergency Passenger Oxygen System for the pax. They are normally thrown on some litter stantion brackets or behind the seat.

    Crew members have the option of using their helmet/mask hooked up to an oxygen source on the aircraft, a firefighter/smoke mask hooked to an oxygen bottle, or utilize an EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device).

  4. A somber day yesterday. We formed up for retreat in front of the squadron, by the prop; members of the 7th SOS and 25th IOS. Afterwards, we went to the squadron bar and enjoyed some Guinness and stories.

    Sons of the Seventh - you are not forgotten.

    A couple of guys are running the USMC Marathon & raising money for SOWF in memory of Wrath 11:


    Hey I was there too, PM inbound.

  5. I've flown just about every LR green tail since 2008. Now that I am leaving, I wish I would have done more research on these birds to see what they have been through.

  6. IIRC there were some kind of shields to keep the air from coming up into the empanage from the sides of the ramp. Thanks for the info.

    It's not the buffer boards that allow this, they were a carry over from the Talon I and we can fly at 250 without them. The longerons on the tail are beefed up, a 19" switch (ramp opens 19" before the doors opens), a second uplock, and a second door actuator were added. I'm speaking MC-130H specific, whether or not the J's have the same thing well, I don't know.

  7. I can't imagine why anyone would hold it in the open position while in the uplocks for an extended period of time, it takes me less than a second to go to open then pull the emergency release lever. Then again some of the W/C/N's in the -1/-9 are in there because someone got a case of the stupids.

  8. Now on H/HC/WC/MC-130’s they use a different sequencing valve, so whether you’re in the back or in the cockpit you can go straight to closed. On these versions of the C-130, when you go to closed, the sequencing valve itself will actually go to open for two seconds before it switches to closed., so in the end the sequence of actions is the same, its just that one you have to manually select open and on the other the plane will select open for you.


    Just as a quick clarification, in TO 1C-130(M)H-1 there is a caution that will tell you to go to Open for 2-3 seconds then position the switch to Close for in flight. On the ground the procedures are the same for the E model (go to Open, pull Emergency Release Lever, hold the door switch in the Closed position until locked). When I flew slick H's, I'd usually follow the same procedure as the E anyway, force of habit.

  9. I just left there as a student and I never saw a gray A model. Maybe he's talking about the bird that tests the funky laser? I think it's white though. I don't know the total number of birds at Kirtland, but I know there aren't 4 Talon II's.

  10. Mikey,

    You will feel a little different in the years to come. The memories won't be so bad down the road.

    I've got plenty of great memories flying, met some great folks, had a lot of fun TDY, I just won't be missing Arkansas...at all.

  11. Not DU, but related, I heard on the older herks the side and overhead emergency escape hatch handles used to contain small amounts of radioactive material that would glow. I can't confirm if that's valid or one of those "F with the new guys jokes".

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