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  1. Sleepin on the airplane is always easy for loadmasters we were usualy hungover with that said I remember on one flight going far far away the crew chief woke me up and stated in dismay that everbody up frount was sound asleep he did not know what to do , I told him to wake up the eng because he gets paid the least up there and I promply went back to sleep.

  2. Giz I remember having two on each plane used to use one of them on the long over water missions streached two 5000 straps across the center with one of them, that way I could scan and rest my eyes at the same time

  3. In our day Giz the commander could stop your promotion just because he wanted to with no explanation. Your right it does sound like the obama team came up with this to go around people who doint agree with them

  4. Giz wasn't that a recomdation if you were closing the door manuly to take the pressure off the up-lock.As far as the contents in the door compatments was to make shure there was enuff chain,binders and cargo straps for the mission at hand. Imagine my surprize when I saw two of the 10,000lbs chains at the local flee market.(no way you ever forget the hooks at the end of the chains.)

  5. Justafing your bad behavior by pointing to someone else only makes you both wrong. George Bush will go down in history as the only man ever blamed for everything. But Im glad to see there is at least a few liberals on here to give the rest of us someone to disagree with. Is that calm enuff for you Giz. PS between George Bush and Obama as far as who has caused more harm to this country and are milatary not much of a thought patteren unless you are a liberal. Im going back to sleep now say what you will!

  6. Giz I just noticed we both poted at the same time about and hour ago and I must admit you got it right (just read yours) see I would have swore alot not good for the blood pressure. Cary on, oh I guess cary was a poor choice of words

  7. Im surprized that we would question one veterns service over another. The only ones we thought about were some were heros and some off us were not, but we all served.

  8. Ok every one thanks for the help in solving this with that said what is emi filter and what does the hand engraved no. on the side of the handel mean ,remember im a lody not a crew chief and im still wondering about this please explane.

  9. In the old days Bob I had to go get the coffee and than serve it inflight, but in all fainess I guess the eng. served more than I did . also now days wifes doint listen as well as they did than.

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