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  1. sorry my bad sir... is it allowed? since d speed surely above 80kts which is rotation speed... thx for d reply, fully understood n got d answer from it..tqvm
  2. hello herkys... has anyone knows during training touch and go cant be aborted? any references pls
  3. hello herky guys..has anyone heard or know about training flight touch n go cant be abort? any reference about it pls..
  4. hi everyone.. again need clarification on weight limitation chart as per picture below... Why we should minus 1430lbs from outboard tank to enter the chart..
  5. tqvm sir..much appreciated.. and we don't have the fuselage tank
  6. thx a lot for d responses, no wonder no one knows d purpose of d existence of d "mirror² on the wall" thought its standard to all aircraft
  7. hi there herkys, does anyone knows what is the purpoof d shining plate at 245 station?
  8. cheers up hercs expert...im seeking a guidance on doing touch n go with fuel in external tank, does it ok or not? if not what structure will be affected since in AFM as image below to preclude landing in fuel in external ,anyting with fuel sloshing? pls help me...
  9. Yes... 'Waste' is the most i concern to highlight ths isue.. We also dont use fuel been defueld
  10. Yes sir our fuselage tank used to be filled 24000lbs of fuel.. And our maintenance crew urge to defuel to 3000 lbs with d same reason. But when i asked any reference y they did so no proper answer n they said only its been prctice like that before. So i insist to get the answer n any books to rfer regarding ths matter. Pls help any books or service buletin says somthng like ths?
  11. Hi again guys... Just wondering where i cn find info bout max weight on wheel can be overnight especially tanker aircraft. Nowadays we practice fuel in the fuselage need to be defuel to prevent mlg oleo depleted or tyre over pressure. Any idea pls?
  12. Its really help me much....tq sirs!
  13. Does anyone can explain wht droop cx is? I couldnt find any pub that tell about droop cx on C130h... Pls help
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