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  1. Yes sir our fuselage tank used to be filled 24000lbs of fuel..

    And our maintenance crew urge to defuel to 3000 lbs with d same reason. But when i asked any reference y they did so no proper answer n they said only its been prctice like that before. So i insist to get the answer n any books to rfer regarding ths matter. Pls help any books or service buletin says somthng like ths?

  2. Hi again guys... Just wondering where i cn find info bout max weight on wheel can be overnight especially tanker aircraft. Nowadays we practice fuel in the fuselage need to be defuel to prevent mlg oleo depleted or tyre over pressure. Any idea pls?

  3. Yup agree... The feathering check for 23 seconds is for on ground feathering cx. The matter arises from exceeding up to 30 sec , when we did d FUnctional Check Flight the engine is was windmilling during cruise engine shutdown takes time to stop after feathered. Then d consequense tht engine unable to airstart normally n luckily with help from d starter to manage to light off the engine

  4. Again... Hello freends n senior members..

    I got doubt in my head since couple of month ago we got argument on feathering cx. In the technical manual stated that feathing cx must be not more than 23 seconds. We got an engine changed recently and d time is 30 sec. Our technician been change components to tht engin n still persist n as an operator we rejected tht engine coz in our opinion 23 sec is for prop feather n stop but d tech guys insist tht tht engine is ok n the time is only for prop to feather only not stoping. So please anybody knows any good opinion with good refernces so i cn get thru to clear ths argument?

  5. You have no idea which pump is bad.

    If you lower the gear or flaps the pressure may drop but it will return to the high pressure value once movement stops. You will also put the high pressure through all the "other" lines and fittings of the system you operate...

    You cruise engine shutdown so you can "stop" the pump. If you turn the pump "off" you isolate it (pump) from the pressure relief valve that may be keeping the pressure under control. Then ALL the pressure will be inside you engine/drybay land may rutpure a line.

    Before you CES your first engine inventory your engine conditions. Which one are you going to CES first? Can you start it back up? Have you any failures? SSC? Ign Control CB out?

    Thx... i agree wth u sir,any ideas how much pressure all other lines n fitting are design to stand max pressuer? Im come with ths ideas jst incase of the pressure jst above 3600psi for example by moving the flaps or gear we cn reduce pressure below 3500psi then we cn identifie the bad pump by switching off the edp switch.... and also if already identified one of the engine got prblem which is unable to be restarted mayb we cn consider ths way.....

  6. Does anyone has any idea why in sect.3, we hve to do cruise engine shutdown to identified which edp

    Is giving higher presssure rather thn lower d flaps or gear to deplete pressure if utility system affected? Any advises?

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