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  1. emm sound scary thou. 10 minits? any references to support tht fact?
  2. hi guys... does anyone knows how long the batry will provide power in case of emergncy n totally electrical failure in flight? is it true it is not adviseable continuos charging batery on ground and y? another one is how to differntiate system tht use solid state n non solid state aicraft system.. if too much pls provide references so i cn check it
  3. tq natops1 .. i agree wth u
  4. when we talk bout aquaplaning or so called hydroplaning is all about calculation the correct tyre pressure related to standard formula to prevent hydroplan happen we a/c landing on water or slush... pls correct me if im wrong!
  5. does anyone knows where stated any speed range before retard throttle from Flight Idle to Ground Idle during landing... n reference?
  6. can i hve d website addres so i can downlod ...
  7. does anyone can give me a copy of combat hostile cxlist
  8. thx guys.... do u hve circuit diagram or somthng can i visualy check on paper to explain those thing.. or strong suggestion tht wht shold i do veryfy either i shld do it in same manner on Es or not...
  9. does anyone knows about why c130 E and c130 H stated below... "Ramp and door operation can be accomplished by the aux pump or handpump. (Ground operation) IAW 1C-130E(H) -1 For cargo door operation with the aux pump (Verify ramp and door controls` are in neutral first) (CLOSE, NEUTRAL, OPEN) locate the toggle switch, turn the aux pump switch ON, move and hold toggle switch tothe OPEN position until door is full open and in the uplock. To close the cargo door (On (E model aircraft prior to AF 72-1288) hold the door switch to OPEN position and while holding switch pull the manual door release handle until the uplock is released,release the toggle switch to NEUTRAL and door will close, release manual release handle. (On aircraft after AF 72-1288 and (H) models use close position to close cargo door)."
  10. i think the rate of sink cant be seen on instrument.... but i i understood tht rate of sink can be felt by pilot only.... i guess!
  11. If im not mistaken the FE logs is filled up for 3 hours flight or more.Its must be kept for 3 weeks... am i right? does anyone knows boaut it and any reference that i can look into?
  12. thx... is it c130s military operator got approval from di FAA about their go no go cxlist?
  13. currently we do have go no go chcklist for c130h... but its kind of illegal coz theres no referencne no or publication no.. does anyone knows bout this n wher i can find the pubs....
  14. i wish tht,there is a refernce regarding OTF matters...books or any guidance to do so... but at least i got an idea of wht u talking about...thx
  15. does anyone knows about 1 time ferry flight procedure for suspected minor crack on the wing or fuselage it self
  16. hi guys again.. where i can find tyre limitation...website we got problem lately our tyres chaping n brittle round the surface
  17. i think with your asistant guys,i've found what i wantted to... really appreciate tht:)
  18. really appreciate that... but if u could emel me any contact person or website so i can get connected to them..about the dc or ac 115v outlet converter please let me know tx
  19. hi guys im new here n needs ur help.. does anyone knows or been using the dc outlet in c130 for external electronic devices such as laptop or charging mobile phone... if u had ,could u pls clarifie n specified the device detail.. thx
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