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  1. Looks like 163022 c/n 5040 is one of them:http://manila.usembassy.gov/press-ph...-aircraft.htmlAndy
  2. A C-130 is currently for sale as scrap metal from Ellsworth AFB: http://www.govliquidation.com/auction/view?auctionId=9307293 It is described as being recovered from a crash site. Does anyone know which aircraft this is? Andy Marden
  3. 62-1863 was flown out of Moody for AMARG yesterday: http://www.moody.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123440664 Andy
  4. Gents, Thanks for the answers. It seems 63-7791 lives on. As mentioned 68-10937 is with Lockheed, who also had/have 61-0951 (l/n May13) and 64-0566 (teardown trials, l/n May12) Andy
  5. On Google Earth there is a C-130 fuselage visible on the north side, parked next to the C-5 mock-up‎. Can anyone confirm its identity please? I see that 63-7791 is listed as a trainer at Dobbins, so this could be a candidate I guess. Andy
  6. The Castle Air Museum has N466TM listed on their future projects page: http://www.castleairmuseum.org/c130ahercules It was seen at Atwater last month. Does anyone know when it actually arrived please? Thanks, Andy
  7. Bob, It arrived on 29Oct14. Andy
  8. Last I heard, 68-10940 was a ground trainer at Pope. Apparently it went to Nashville: http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/Lockheed-C-130E-Hercules/2356943/L/ although looking at the caption it is on the move again. Andy
  9. See the Little Rock thread. 63-7764 c/n [cn]3813[/cn] and 68-10948 c/n [cn]4328[/cn] went to Aberdeen: http://www.allcoastaircraftrecovery.com/photo_albums/ Andy
  10. Just confirming that 63-7764 did indeed go to Aberdeen Provings Grounds, as per the first post in the thread: http://www.allcoastaircraftrecovery.com/photo_albums/ 68-10948 c/n [cn]4328[cn] went the same way. My outstanding Es from Little Rock are: 62-1806 62-1851 63-7819 63-7829 plus the three fuselages that were inside: 63-7820 64-0524 68-10949 Any confirm any of these are still around please? Andy
  11. Good to see that the Chad H-30 is still operational. She was at Lisbon yesterday: http://ruispotter.blogspot.com/2012/01/tt-aah-republique-du-tchad-lockheed-c.html Andy
  12. 213/MAJ came through the UK last weekend on delivery. Andy
  13. Thanks for the answer. Andy
  14. A visitor to Coolidge AZ last month noted that C-130A N133HP, the former 57-0482, is now resident, having arrived from Greybull WY. Does anyone know when it arrived please? Regards, Andy Marden
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