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  1. I know we have had some come through here and we have only a couple of Hundred hours on them and they fail and we do DR'S and Depot really has no answer for them. I just feel they (depot) are using refurb parts that have been refurbed one to many times. I know here at my base we can't get into the front half just the rear case but most failures seem to be in the front section. I know we are just getting into the 135 day torque meter runs and feel once the info gets processed we will be changing more RGB'S I know years ago on the early -7's we ran the Torque meter Run out tests as we had no mid bearing that caused us problems.An engine Mechs work is never done.
  2. LKuest you are correct in your reply. Unless BDizzle is allowed then that is a Depot Function as I know here at my base we can't get into the compressor area. But can do the # 3 & # 4
  3. Just a shot in the dark even though you did the yellow box test have you ohmed out the co-ordinator ? and The J-2 Lead even though you check it while yellow boxing .Maybe disconnect it and ohms ck it out maybe there is a break or some wiring issues in the wing
  4. Folks,We ended up changing the engine after trouble shooting all wiring for the 3rd time.It ops ck'd good so thanks for all the good input
  5. Hello, has anyone ever experienced not being able to cal the Torque gauge at LSGI? the issue is with a 78 model -15 we have a gauge that reads 1000 Lbs higher at LSGI then the others.I know normal is around 700 but we are 1000 Lbs higher but here is the strange thing FF/RPM/TIT are all normal.We have changed the gauge with a known new one and also changed the pick up with a known new one that was resistance checked prior to installing it and the shimming was also checked as good.We even changed the valve housing thinking it wasn't holding. Any suggestions
  6. there is a team coming from depot to ck it out. We ran it with the prop linkage disconnected and it still had the creap so that explains why the team is coming in to ck out the throttle quadrant.
  7. Hello! Has anyone ever experienced throttle creep? The problem we are having is that # 3 engine on acft 78000812 has a slight throttle creep when you pull the throttle lever up out of the ground idle detent and move it ahead 1/2 knob and let it go it will move on it's on without going into the flight idle detent. When it moves there is no change in engine settings all FF,TORQUE,RPM,TIT Remain the same.We checked the rigging and it was good all cable tension was dead on.We even changed the fuel control and coordinator and gimble assy. The problem is still there. I don't feel it is in the engine .Can anyone give me any input? You can email me at [email protected]
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