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    I would double-check on whether they went to Patrick. There was some airplane musical chairs going on at Patrick a few months ago.
  2. I think I found what you're looking for. The specific diagram I found is called "AC Generator and Control Panel" in a chapter about the unregulated AC system. I'm on a pretty slow internet connection this week, but if you send me a private message I can try helping you get a copy of this Lockheed manual.
  3. 521 is now located behind a fence in a secure area so there is no way to get a photo of it. All you can see is the vertical stab sticking up above the fence. There is also another herk trainer (fuselage only, no wings or empennage) parked in the same secure area. If you let me know where the other ones are parked I can try to drive by and snap a pic.
  4. I imagine whoever said that would argue that you have more cooling air with the bleeds closed but it wouldn't do anything for the oil circulating through the engine or gearbox.
  5. I was told that cutting fuel for LSGI and the 103.5% fuel cutoff come from the same place in the fuel control. So by starting in LSGI you're also double-checking the fuel control in case of a severe prop overspeed.
  6. Yeah it's based on calendar days, regardless of flight hours during those 15 days.
  7. All the herks I've seen have 4. Flight deck, back of 245, left wheel well, and right paratroop door.
  8. I don't remember the exact reason, but I seem to remember that this is not an issue with the newer GCU.
  9. Could be because of the airstream which would help the gear extend faster than it would retract.
  10. SERE guys are allowed to maintain jump currency.
  11. I recently saw a new E model at Kirtland AFB. It's parked in a field as a training device now. I wrote down 521, but I don't remember the rest of the tail number. Does anyone know where it came from or how long it's been at KAFB? Couldn't find it in the database.
  12. I was flying not too long ago and ATC gave us some holding instructions. The CP missed our callsign and thought they were telling some other plane to hold at our same location and altitude.
  13. A bad pump would jive with the lack of series drop.
  14. The -1 seems to imply that the brakes work better with high heat because the cooling times have been omitted and the requirement for runway available to exceed landing distance by 300' has been eliminated. Lowering the fuse plug temperatures doesn't make sense to me because a 130,000lb airplane has the same amount of energy to dissipate whether the brakes are made of steel or carbon. To answer the question, the brakes on our jet did better after a full stop landing, but still would not hold the plane static at takeoff power.
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