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  1. Reservior size had nothing to do with high speed ramp and door. That was the result of the installation of the Sargent Fletcher pods. They use a large volume of hyd fluid for operation. Prior to that mod the aux reservior size was the standard 3.4 gal, Fulton or non Fulton equipped.

    Operation of the cargo door at high altitude has been known to be difficult at times. Dual actuator has not changed this and I agree HARM mandates a larger reservoir (AUX is backup system). I was not saying dual actator comes with a larger reservoir but instead that you may see changes to the AUX (configuration), due to cavitation of the pump at altitude. A larger reservoir alone will not solve this problem, but configuring the reservoir, suction line and pump can solve it. It was just a side note as it pertains to the doors operation.

  2. Didn't they also fit dual door up-locks, one fitted either side rather than on center?


    Look at my post 3 up from yours, Dual actuator installation on the door includes dual uplocks, they are married together and you may begin to see AUX system reservoir modifications to alleviate pump cavitation during high altitude operations.

  3. Agreed, the bread pan is the heat shield just aft of the engine exhaust and mounted to the underside of the wing. It has a corrugated like design that looks like you could cook multiple loaves of bread in.

    Hog Trough: Cargo Compt Overhead Rack

    Pork Cop Fitting: Attaches Floor to sidewall panels

    Rainbow Fitting: Center wing to Outer Wing attach

    Honey Bucket: Fixed urinal

    Horse Collar: Hinged Panel just aft of engine on top of wing

  4. Maybe I didn't understand the question. Did you have an aircraft that is a tanker (B model) that you want to install later H model outer wings on or do you have a slick B model that has new outer wings and you would like to add HARM to this aircraft. The outer wing replacements were different for tankers and non tankers and only if it already was a tanker was a full up tanker outer wing installed. It was its own dash numbered installation. With that said. If it already was a tanker, it would have come with all of the fittings required to hang the pods and the fuel system would be properly configured and the plumbing would have been transferred over. If it was not a tanker then you would need to do what I posted earlier.

  5. If it is a retrofit outer wing, most likely the structure exists to add the fittings for the refuel pod. The trailing edge rib at that location will have to be changed or modified to accomodate the plumbing. (Fuel and Hydraulic). Additional plumbing changes and valve additions will have to be added, but the major structural modifications that would have to be done to the B outer wing should not be required.

  6. That's what I love about the C-130 community, lots of passion. Just pointing out that the original spec calls for Maple and if that is what was ordered, that is what you would get. Sounds as if the spec should be updated to a modern, available material that will perform and hold up under use, as the Maple clampblocks are still being used on production J's. The operator always has the option to substitute their own replacement, but consideration would be to get mother Lockheed to update the material.

  7. Not sure I'd want to sit in the prop-arc of the six-bladed props for that long.

    The large escape hatch is fwd of the prop arc, approx at the center window location of the 3 windows on the fwd sidewall panel. this is further aft than the scanner window location but out of the arc.

  8. "The lack of the large square scanner windows is a HUGE mistake."

    They sure are handy. It started when the Weather guys got stuck with the "J." When the Coast Guard got their six "free" Js the same topic came up. The Weather folks cut some square holes in their side exit doors. As the story went, being a proprietary airframe Lockheed would have to do the engineering on it. The story also went "sorry, can't do, too big a hole already with the side exit doors." I haven't seen any of the newer hercs with the side exit doors and a scanner window so I guess it's not just a "J" problem.

    A great place to scan the water or a bleeding engine!

    The weather birds incorporated the larger square window from the troop door into the side escape hatches. If you look at AC-130U gunships the escape hatch on the RH side was replaced with a full size window. Both of these could be options but I'm sure that if asked, the scanner window could be added to the side wall panels, the hatch should not be seen as a limiting factor but cost may be. The HC/MC ships are the same for now but they will split off and become their own versions with peculiars added or deleted by their respective customers. Nothing replaces a set of eyes looking outside but maybe a solution could show up in later HC only versions.

  9. Same Fletcher pod as KC-130J.

    Hydraulic actuation with added capability to fuel equipment on the ground as well as in the air.

    FRL pods use a rat to power an electronic version

  10. Looks like the fwd right MLG bogey has not fully retracted. Way not normal. This bogey is powered by #4 hyd system, as is the LH fwd, which retracted normally. #4 engine powers two independant pumps for the system and due to the fact that the LH fwd retracted I'm going to assume it was not a hyd failure. The bogey rotated 90 deg and started its retraction into the well where it should enter a track, unlock the bogey, and begin another 90 deg rotation about the strut. Something failed at that point but a hyd system failure I doubt.

  11. Have to look.

    There was a guy the other day doing a walk around with someone and she asked him about UARRSI on the HC/MC's. He pointed out were it was to her, and said something about the Indian Herc. Can't remember what he said about it though, I was just walking by. The First Indian "J" is in bodymate so if I remember, I walk down and take a look tonight. I would think they would have something. They supposedly have been bought for Spec Ops, not the standard trash hauling mission.

    Indian C-130J will have the probe or ARPUS as its called. As seen on UK and Italian J's.

  12. Curious why 62-1863 is seeing limited flight time?

    Also, all J model aircraft are equipped to accept the Arpus Probe on the left fwd fuselage for inflight refuelling except for HC/MC production aircraft that are equipped with UARRSI from the factory. First 2 of those currently in production.

  13. What is the serial number of this aircraft?

    The 597 main frame has not changed much over the years like the 517 has. It also does not have a steel reinforcing plate like the 517 has.

    The 597 frame is composed of two pieces, an inbd and outbd frame.

    Compare the old on to the new one. It sounds like it may have been changed or modified before.

    Be very aware where you attach the frame to the rear beam of the wing. follow the instl instructions, use of oversized fasteners and any NDT inspections called out.

  14. very impressive. just keep in mind the J is a dark cockpit, meaning that if the pilot doesn't need to know about it there will not be a light illuminated. The landing light indicators are only on to let them know they need to retract them and there is no need to illuminate the gear handle or gear indicator lights if they're up and locked. This applies throught the cockpit lighting and instrumentation.

  15. It is a very good possibility with much of the prep work towards an AC-130J being already engineered on the HC birds. ie factory UARRSI. Military contracts are never a sure thing until signed, and even then........

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