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  1. The best training aid I can think of is to get rid of all the splices in the flap well area especially the non evironmental ones. We used to replace cabling during ISO that we knew had splices in them. It took us a couple years, but it resulted in very few F/Q problems. Most after that turned out to be indicator problems. I have some old copies of fuel quantity values that I used to keep in a binder small enough to fit in my BDU pocket. I will try to find it and post it here. Rich
  2. Does problem fluxuate to both sides of zero rudder like it's hunting for zero point? If so, usually the rudder feedback in the amp. If it feels like the fluxuation goes to one side of zero then goes back to zero and goes back to the same side as before, check cables at servo for proper torque and tension. If that's ok, check rudder output at amp for equal drive on both sides of zero. If not, replace amp.
  3. Had a crew return with a write-up "UHF bleeds onto VHF". We had a guy in the Comm shop who was within a few days of starting his discharge out processing who couldn't care less and decided to be a smart ass. His response in the Corrective Action block was "Applied tournaquet to UHF to stop bleeding". Never will forget that one!!! Rich
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