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  1. Right. And if you look at the proximity of that hatch vs. where the legacy scanner window is located, it's obvious why the installation of a scanner window became an issue. Not that it couldn't be done, but at what cost? Heck, the whole panel was once the location of a forward cargo door that was phased out decades ago. There were informal local studies that brought the harmonics of the Dowty props under scrutiny. Even sitting forward of the arc, ala SAR pallet/scanner window, some crew reported feeling stronger effects than that same position in the HC-130H's, that may have been contibuted to by the prop vibe. Nothing was conclusive but ultimatley cost was the determining factor on the USCG HC-130J's. Cost and Deepwater's failure to identify key components to carry over from the missionized H models.
  2. I've seen similar with a rudder. Take a close look at the elevator feedback circuit for any pushed pins or intermittent contacts.
  3. Not sure I'd want to sit in the prop-arc of the six-bladed props for that long.
  4. Hi out there, Anyone recall seeing an operator use a GPS or Electronic Chart mounted to the center of the yoke where the letdown chartholder mounts?
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