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    Joined Pakistan Air Force in 2004. Then was sent to States for SUPT. Graduated from Columbus AFB 2007. Now presently flying C-130's as a Co-pilot.
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    Pakistan Air Force

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  1. Did you guys kept the text book distance i.e; 10 feet, I suppose. Cause I herd that you actually have to put your nose under the tail of your buddy to get a successful start.
  2. people who have done a buddy start plus year mentioning place is optional.
  3. what could force us to do a buddy start? I know one, starter failure. looking for some other.
  4. Do we have something called Psuedolock in C-130E?
  5. Can Anybody tell me whats the function of geneva lock and its roll and task in fuel system?
  6. cheema


    Why dash-1 calls "low press" lights for main tanks. but for Ext and aux calls them "tank empty" light.
  7. beautiful picture and explanation. Thanks a million.
  8. T56-A-15 engine. How does throttle changes the blade angle in thr ground range. Request max details.
  9. I was thinking, why did charlie has controlable pitch in ground range and fixed speed in alpha range. why didnt its a contolable pitch propellor all the way? Any logic....
  10. something new for me.... i thought we had 3000 psi pressure too....
  11. actually there was an old c130 guy, he told me that we keep it to 6N cause both #1 and #5 are safe positions. even if inadvertantly you move it to either #1 or #5 position it wont open the ramp.....which at all doent make sense to me...cause this knob just cant be at 3N with ramp up and lock....what you guys think?
  12. hi folks.... the thing is I'm new to Herk and this Forum so dont lash at me.... i have a question about the ramp contol knob, the one who got six positions. can it be turned counterclockwise(physically i know it can, i'm asking isnt it prohibited). if it can be turned counterclockwise, then why dont we keep it to 3n rather than 6n?
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