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  1. actually i try to find the simplified circuit diagram for GCU and GCP like start control diagram for easy to understand about C130H electrical system.
  2. Can anyone send to me the circuit diagram for generator control unit (GCU) and generator control panel (GCP). Please. Thanks
  3. Why hydraulic oil for auxiliary system more than utility and booster?
  4. hai christine...i am already check my inbox..but don't gei it. hope you can send again to me...thanks.
  5. hai, i new fe for C130h. i hope you can e-mail that hostile environment repair procedure which can help me. thanks my e-mail [email protected]
  6. thanks for all information...can someone give me that particular light assemblies to show that different?.thanks...
  7. hai, i m new member of herktbirds. i have question. why speed limit for landing light extended for H1 is 168 KIAS and for KC, H2 , H3 and H4 is 250 KIAS? TQ.
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