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    Lackland AFB Basic Oct 5 1965
    Sheppard AFB Tech School Nov 1965 - Feb 1966
    Dyess AFB March 1966 - Feb 1968 347th TAS
    Got out of the AF went to Marrieta Ga for Lockheed 4 months
    Missed AF reenlisted
    Dyess AFB July 1968 - Feb 1970 347th TAS
    Elmendorf AFB March 1970 - July 1973 71st ARRS
    Little Rock AFB July 1973 - July 1974 314th OMS
    Dyess AFB Oct 1974 - June 1976 463rd OMS
    Osan AB June 1976 - July 1977 51st Comp Sq
    Dyess AFB July 1977 - Jan 1981 463rd OMS
    Eglin AFB Jan 1981- July 1985 3214th OMS
    Dyess AFB July 1985 - Oct 1987 463rd OMS
    Started my career at Dyess and retired from Dyess.

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  1. I want to thank everyone for letting me be a part of this group and giving me hope and more knowledge to carry out my VA claim. Without this group I would have never known to go to Randolph and seek out getting a DD215 for help proving my Boots on the ground fight with the VA. I’ve worked several years trying to getting several VA reps help and all kinds of documentation to no avail, but now I have received an email confirming it from Randolph and will recieve my letter in the mail as well. I encourage everyone that is fighting for their claim to keep it up!! Fight em till you’re last heart beat!! We deserve this and we need this. Once again thank you everyone for the information. Joe
  2. Chuck is right when we did come back from Dyess we left the Dyess birds in Vietnam and Tachikawa Japan to absorb the McGuire 130s
  3. Model looks good... is it plastic or wood. What are your antenna lines made from I tried string but never could get them tight enough.
  4. In 1967 while stationed at Dyess I was Asst Crew Chief on 63-7821.There was a big operation execise that we were deployed on with other Acft from Dyess and other bases.Part of the operation was hauling all kinds of equipment from Shaw AFB to Ramey AFB Puerto Rico.I was able to take the Acft as the Crew Chief and had one of the other guys go along as my Asst. It was a long flightand once we got to Ramey we would refuel work the write ups that needed to be worked.Another flt. crew would then fly back to Shaw AFB so us Crew Chiefs started to get pretty tiredand smelly after about the 4th day.Finally they decided to sit my Acft down for 24hrs when we got to Ramey. After my Asst and I got the Acft BPO completed Acft fueled and all the write ups fixed that needed to be fixedwe changed into our swim suits and headed for the beach which was not too far from the parking area.We left all our clothes on the Acft and we planned on showering and shaving at the Flt Line Fire Stationwhen we got back to the Acft. We locked the Acft, but we had to put the spare key in the ext. interphone door.While we were swimming and goofing around about an hour later ,I heard this C-130 lifting off the runway and it came right over us. I told my Asst that looks like our Acft. (all you old crew know how you could some how tell your own camoflaged plane from others after being assigned to your particular Acft only somehow you just learned the difference in the paint scheme). We left the beach and went back to where our Acft was supposed to be parked and sure enough it was gone, clothes was gone billfold gone everything. We was not in trouble because our Acft Commander had told us once we got the Acft ready to fly we could go to the beach and he gave us our takeoff for the next day.Unfortunately another Acft had problems, so ops moved that crew to my Acft and away it went with all our stuff.My Asst and I spent the next 2 days at base ops and base ops cafeteria borrowing money from other Crew Chiefs.We managed to borrow shirts and some shorts also. What made it bad as well was our military ID's went with our belongings. Two days later our Acft came back and everything went back to normal.
  5. Thanks Jansen for the update.Glad to hear that while I'm retired there is still some part of me serving.
  6. Trying to find out about some tail numbers if anyone knows what happened to them or any information. Ive been looking at this site for sometime and know alot of you have good connections.Thanks for any help. ARRS 64-4860 I was on in Ak 71st ARRS. ARRS 69-5824.Dyess birds 63-7840 and 63-7821. Joe Davidson
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