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  1. Hello All,this is my newly updated list of the VNAF C-130A HERCULES serial numbers and tailcodes. 54-01631/??? 54-01634/GZP 54-01640/HCO 55-00001/GZB 55-00002/??? 55-00005/GZC 55-00006/??? 55-00008/HCC 55-00012/GZH 55-00013/HCD 55-00016/GZE 55-00017/??? 55-00027/GZA 55-00034/HCE 55-00045/HCA 56-00476/HCI 56-00479/GZM 56-00481/??? 56-00482/HCK 56-00483/??? 56-00489/GZJ 56-00495/??? 56-00500/HCL 56-00505/GZL 56-00518/HCM 56-00519/GZP 56-00521/HCH 56-00524/??? 56-00532/GZN 56-00542/GZI 56-00543/GZD 56-00545/HCP 57-00460/HCF 57-00465/??? 57-00472/HC? As can be seen there are a lot of missing Tailcodes from this list of the 435 TS coded HCA-HCP and the 437 TS GZA-GZP.If anyone can add to or correct this list please reply,thankyou regards Simon.
  2. Correction-this aircraft was in Singapore along with 4 others being repaired when the Republic of Viet Nam fell-they were all repaired and claimed back by the USAF and flown to Guam then on to the USA-most re-entered USAF service and others went to MASDC.
  3. Hello-this aircraft was coded HCE of the 435 Transport Squadron 53 Tactical Wing VNAF at TAN SON NHUT Air Base and escaped on 29 4 75 to U Tapao AFB Thailand.A picture of this aircraft in black and white is on the vnafmamn website.
  5. A C-130A flew from Con Son Island?-this is news to me-can anyone throw any light on where this information came from?BoHD can you tell us this source???
  6. Hello again,I have came across another Vietnamese language film called Nhung guong mat thang 5 (phim tai lieu 1975) showing the aftermath of the war in 1975,it shows the final fate of C-130A 55-00045 of the VNAF at Tan Son Nhut. At 2m09s pictures show the aircraft burnt out on the ground on the southern ramp area further south than the group of 3 C-130As led by 56-0489/GZJ.The tailcode is clearly shown on the still intact tailplane which has fallen on the ground as HCA/(0)5-0045.The pictures continue until 3m12s.Anyone got any thoughts or opinions on this?
  7. Hello all,one of my original questions has been answered-I have just received MILITAIR 1982 by John Andrade as a secondhand book-in the section on Vietnam the ex-VNAF C-130A HERCULES that defected to Singapore in 1979 crewed by an ex-VNAF C-130A pilot is identified as 002-the VPAF code for VNAF C-130A 56-0519 GZP captured on the ground at TAN SON NHUT on 29/4/1975.The pilot was probably granted political asylum,the aircraft was presumably collected by a VPAF crew and taken back to communist occupied VIETNAM.Does anyone have anything to add or comment on this?
  8. My latest information on VNAF C-130A Aircraft- 54-01631/??? 54-01634/??? 54-01640/HCO 55-00001/GZB 55-00002/??? 55-00005/GZC 55-00006/??? 55-00008/HCC 55-00012/GZH 55-00013/HCD 55-00016/GZE 55-00017/GZL 55-00027/GZA 55-00034/HCE 55-00045/HCA 56-00476/HCI 56-00479/GZM 56-00481/??? 56-00482/HCK 56-00483/??? 56-00489/GZJ 56-00495/??? 56-00500/HCL 56-00505/??? 56-00518/HCM 56-00519/GZP 56-00521/HCH 56-00524/??? 56-00532/GZN 56-00542/GZI 56-00543/??? 56-00545/HCP 57-00460/HCF 57-00465/??? 57-00472/HC? Any information or corrections are welcome.Thankyou,regards simon.
  9. Hello again Bob-you are correct about everything in your reply,however the mystery remains as to which aircraft have which correct tailcodes? GZG and GZM were photographed at U Tapao in April 1975 after they escaped from the communist invasion-I have been unable to tie-up these with their respective Aircraft. Does ANYONE have any information or photos of the Aircraft in 1975?I am particularly interested in Guam where all Aircraft transited back to the USA-was anyone reading this there in that timeframe?Please reply if you have ANY information.Also MASDC/AMARC pictures of the returned Aircraft.
  10. Hello all,I have just received a book-UNITED STATES AIR FORCES DIRECTORY 2014/15.Published by Mach 111 Publishing on the website AVIATION RETAIL DIRECT-the book is so popular it is in its second printing-I had to wait for mine-the information in it is first rate-including on our favourite-the C-130 Hercules.My original question on this thread is answered in this book-the 5 C-130A in Singapore undergoing wing repairs were 55-00012/GZH 55-00034/HCE 56-00518/HCM 56-00545/HCP 57-00472/HC?.Apart from 57-00460/HCF which defected to Singapore on 24th April 1975 and was interned the remaining 9 C-130A that escaped were 55-00008/HCC 55-00027/GZA 56-00479/GZM 56-00481/??? 56-00483/??? 56-00495/??? 56-00500/HCL 56-00524/??? 56-00543/??? .All of these aircraft went to the United States via Guam in 1975-most re-entering USAF service.
  11. Hello HercMX-the film is on youtube.Apparently it has been put on DVD in 2006 in Argentina.I am trying to track down a copy-to no avail-does anyone have a DVD of it?if so I would like to get one-especially if the picture quality is improved-I might be able to fill in some knowledge gaps as to which Aircraft is which- such as GZL....
  12. Hello all again,to add to my previous discovery on youtube-I have found another! The title is Abril de Vietnam en el ano del gato (Santiago Alverez 1975).It is a Cuban Spanish language film lasting about 2 hours showing The Republic of Viet Nam in the aftermath of its invasion in 1975. The soundtrack is appalling so I muted it, but, besides the many fascinating scenes in it at 1hr 48m 50s are scenes in colour and b&w of TAN SON NHUT AIRBASE,including C-130A aircraft on the southern ramp area damaged and destroyed including 56-0489/GZJ,an unidentifiable C-130A burnt out next to it and further south another C-130A coded GZL.I recommend everyone to see it-more pictures of a once proud VNAF conquered by a cruel and brutal tyranny.
  13. please tell me what and where this picture is/ ok I found it
  14. just type in the name of the film and it will appear on youtube.
  15. Hello all,I have stumbled across a remarkable Viet Nam language film on YOUTUBE-Hon Ngoc Vien Dong-Thanh Pho Luc Ran Dong.The film is during 1975 at the end of the war and lasts 47 minutes and 26 seconds-but -for all us Hercules fans the important bit begins at 6m 09s-the full colour pictures of TAN SON NHUT AIRBASE after the base was captured...including VNAF C-130A transports captured intact and damaged and destroyed-including 6 Hercules in revetments -2 of which you can clearly see tailcodes GZB and HCI respectively 55-0001 and 56-0476.Also there are long range shots of other C-130A aircraft destroyed on the southern ramp area-GZJ (56-0489) a destroyed C-130A,and further on GZL.The pictures are remarkable and at the same time sad to me-a proud Air Force fighting for freedom of its people destroyed by a cruel and brutal communist tyranny supported by others.I would welcome any comments on the film.
  16. Hello all, I have just come across the following item for sale on EBAY....170th AHC VIETNAM WAR HOME MOVIES DVD PLEIKU DAK TO BIKINIS & BUCCANEERS HUEY.This DVD is for sale for $24.95 and on the preview clearly shows the remains of the two C-130E Hercules hit and set on fire at DAK TO airfield on 15th November 1967 by VC Mortar fire....on the preview it describes how a brave helicopter pilot got into a third Hercules and backed it away from the conflagration...saving it from destruction too.The preview clearly shows DH as the tailcode of one aircraft (345 TAS 62-1865) whilst the other is so damaged on the tailplne area you cannot quite see it I know it is 776 TAS 63-7827 with DL tailcode.Both lost aircraft were listed from the 776 TAS because the flight crews were from that squadron.Thankfully nobody was killed. does anyone have any comments on this?
  17. additional information-the C-130A was visiting the UK at RAF Greenham Common airshow in 1979 and was with the 105 TAS of the Tennesee ANG.
  18. Hello all,i have just found a picture of C-130A 54-01640 in an old edition of AIR EXTRA issue 26 page 6 and the camouflage matches a picture on this website showing the aircraft in VNAF service coded HCO-there is even the faint outline of the VNAF star and bar on the rear fuselage! does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this?
  19. Hello bob,any thoughts or questions on what I sent you?please reply,regards simon.
  20. Hello bob,i will be posting my pictures and information to you on Monday.
  21. Hello again,sorry to say it but this picture description is WRONG-I have pictures of 56-0519 on the ground at Tan Son Nhut clearly showing GZP as its tailcode-if you send me an address I will send them to you.
  22. Hello again bob,the picture of 55-0013/HCD is credited to ANDRE WADMAN and is number 198 of 1527 photos of his on AIRLINERS.NET-it is not described as a C-130A-on the site go to the countries/airports list and scroll down to VIETNAM-on the airports list for the country pick TAN SON NHUT and pick 120 pictures only per page-you will find on page 13 a picture of ANTONOV 26s with ex-VNAF C-130A Hercules in the background-clearly showing their tailcodes-including 55-0013/HCD.i hope this helps-PS there is another photo on page 11.Please reply,regards simon.
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