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  1. The most interesting so far was the Pope mobile. Well, two of them to be accurate [ATTACH=CONFIG]3383[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]3384[/ATTACH]
  2. In our squadron, the Pilot states "Turning" as he activates the ENGINE GROUND START switch. But for some reason, someone brought up this question and i just wanted to make sure that we were doing it the right away :)
  3. Apologies for the late reply! Thanks to all of you that contributed Best regards Fly safe!
  4. Afternoon, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. During the ENGINE START procedure, the Pilot will state "Turning". When should the Pilot state "Turning"? On our FM, we have the following Caution : "If the propeller does not rotate within 5 seconds after the ENGINE GROUND START switch is placed in START and the start valve open light is illuminated, stop start. Maintenance action is required prior to another start attempt. Repeated attempts to start may result in internal starter damage" We also have the following statement : "The loadmaster will monitor the propeller. If no rotation is observed within 5 seconds after the pilot states, “Turning,†the loadmaster will state, “Negative rotation.†Should the Pilot state "Turning" upon depressing the ENGINE START switch to the START position , or after depressing the ENGINE START switch to START AND the START VALVE OPEN light is illuminated? Thanks in advance! Best Regards
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