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  1. One a troop drop we had 2 LMs, the one up front would heat up a can of soup in the galley, then poor it into a barf bag. He would then stick the bag into the front of his flight suit, turn to the full house load of troops and act like his was puking in the bag. Next he took the bag out of his flight suit, tied it of with the handy twist tie and motion for the first trooper to pass it to the back, it would make the trip to the rear LM who would feel it then open it up and get his spoon out of his sleeve and start eating. When the plane returned some poor sap of a crewchief (like me) had to clean up a very messy cargo compartment. Heck most of 'em were going to ralph anyway!
  2. Gotta agree with Dan Wilson, Goose Bay Canada had one heck of a chow hall, and outstanding boxed nasties. Can't say much for incirlik, and the only "great" chow at Masirah was the night we barbequed steaks for the whole camp.
  3. During Christmas the squadron on rote to mildenhall would pick up the Bat 60 mission, at least they did in 1983. I spent Chistmas 83 in Dharhan (sp) as the team chief for the maintenance crew. Took the crewchief spot for 1 days mission. The stuff in the plywood boxes was referred to as "Tea". Those stationed out in the far reaches had several coolers, they would put thier shopping list in 1 or 2 of them and send it to Dharhan, there some one would take them to the commissary and put the order in the coolers and Bat 60 would deliver them. I was a fairly new SSgt then, 8 years later (almost to the day) I landed there to head up a TDY wash team during Desert Storm.
  4. Quite correct on the "Flying Tigers", how so ever when they first started painting teeth on our hercs at Pope we referred to F T as "False Teeth"
  5. Back in the 80's 63-7884 was used alot for Credible Cat missions, Dale Wolford was one of the crewchiefs from that era. It was a very reliable bird in those days.
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