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    Aircraft mechanic 1968-1973 recip aircraft T-29's mostly.
    Flight mechanic on T-29's til they went to boneyard 1975.

    C-130 Flight Engineer, A's E's, H2's. Spent a little over 8 years on Active Duty, released to the 934th TAG Reserves Minneapolis Minnesota. Assigned to the 96th flying squadron where I spent the next 29 years from SSgt to CMSgt finally being the Chief Engineer. Retired in 2004 after I spent 2 deployments in the desert. Have over 11,000 hours in C-130's
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  1. I thought Pittisburgh was suppose to get C-17's? When is that going to happen?
  2. Where did all the H's go from Little Rock?
  3. Anyone know where Dobbins H-2's went when they got the #'s from Little Rock?
  4. I fondly remember 62-1834 in MSP for many years, she was affectiantly known as the Tractor, she was always reliable. We inherited the 62's from the reserve unit in Maryland when they went to C-141's back in 1985 and flew them for about 16 more years before we got H2's. The day a crew from Yokota was to pick up 62-1834 and take it back to Japan I remember that they where somewhat surprised that the aircraft looked better than any they flew, they could not believe it was a 62 model. I have tracked that airplane for several years after I retired knowing that it would fly right up to the end. Many hours in the center seat of that old girl. Hope they take good care of her down in Oak City.
  5. Bob Daley, just to let you know all the H-2\'s that MSP Reserve had are now at Niagara and all the H-3 they had are moved to MSP.
  6. MSPFE


    I think I can answer the first part of the post. The H2\'s that go to Niagra from the 105th will be aligned with the H2\'s that come from the 96th. The H3\'s that Niagra has now will go to the 96th. That give the both the Reserve and the Guard in Minneapolis all H3\'s.
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