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  1. Jim & J, If you look at the gallery of pictures under my name "Tom C" you'll see I posted some pictures of some of the Silver Birds in a revetment next to where my plane was parked at Udorm. The picture was taken sometime in 1970. I was with the 54th Weather Recon Squadron out of Guam for operation Popeye.
  2. Dutch, This is from a paper called "Det One Report" yearbook supplement 374th Tactical Airlift Wing. Did July 4, 1972 Tom C. Tsgt USAF (ret) The aircraft was "865" (63-7865) I crewed 63-7864 while at CCK. I was also an assistant crew chief on 55-0015 while at Lockbourne, crew chief on 56-0522 while on Guam, crew chief on 57-0524 at Richards-Gebaur and the at CCK 72 - 73
  3. MsgtRock, check your email. Tom C
  4. Tom C

    Udorn 56-0522.jpg

    I arrived on Guam in September of 1969 and was assigned to 56-0522. The crew chief at that time was Michael Capstick. He rotated back to the states around Jan 1970 and due to my rank (Ssgt) I took over as primary crew chief around that time. I crewed her until she rotated to Chicago ANG in Feb 1971
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    I was the crew chief on that flight. I only flew one typhoon mission. I didn't keep any of my flying records so I had no idea of the date of that flight. Thanks for filling in the blanks on the date and the mission. Since I was converting my slides to digital, I just assumed that it was either a flight back to Udorn or back to Guam. I should have realized that by the lack of people on board that it was the typhoon mission. Glad you saw your picture!
  6. Tom C

    Sheppard AFB, 1967/68

    From the album: Tom C

  7. Hi all, I'm new to the group, and was amazed to see some of the tail numbers of planes I crewed. I was assigned to Lockbourne (39th) right out of Tech School '68 - '69 (Sheppard) and was 3rd wiper (asst crewchief on 55-0015) Richard Short was crewchief and a guy named Padilla was second in line. Went to Guam from '69 to '71 and crewed 56-0522 for the typhoon chasers but actually spent enough time at Udorn Thailand for a short tour. Also saw mentioned 57-0524 RC130A photo bird. I was Crewchief on that on at Dickie Guber (Richards Gebaur AFB Mo '71 to '72) It was used by 1863rd for communication squadron for critiquing towers for proper lingo.
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