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  1. No one is talking about "rudder reversal" which accompanies fin stall. That's the insidious part of the accidents involving engine out/slow speed/go around with high rudder inputs.
  2. Asymmetrical thrust, usually 1 or 4 out, and low airspeed are the problems. Never but never get below 140kts with an engine out. I briefed 160kts. I've had two engines out on 1 side (1 and 2 both times) and below 160 it was a handful. The insidious problem was not the fin stall in itself but the accompanied rudder reversal. In a an engine out demo the way out is to immediately bring up the power on the retarded engine. We had one at Cherry point that was at low altitude(in the pattern) that was so violent it tore a refueling pod off the wing. What saved the AC was the immediate application of power on the retarded engine.
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    I flew for Transamerica from 1977-1986. I flew the Herc from 1977-1982 before going on the DC-8. I knew Fred. Back in early 1982 I flew out of Khartoum/Port Sudan down to Malakal and El Muglad hauling oil drilling rigs for Chevron. I was there a month ensconced in the Khartoum Hilton. I knew Fred well. He was a legend in his own mind. Those were fun times. No FAA, flying world wide into some of the most un godly places. Short dirt strips, no weather available, no approaches and no communications. Spent time in Angola flying supplies to the diamond mines during the civil war.
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