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  1. We had a period of time that one of the guys in my shop was putting the double lip seal on without putting the greese in between the lips. If the first lip seals works then the second one will heat up due to lack of lubrication and distort both lips. That cost us a few manhours but after he learned the correct way which is to read the book we have taken care of most of our can seal leaks! This is just one of the possible causes I have seen.
  2. We had a simular problem a few years back up here in Kodiak. Above crossover the TD and prop did it\'s job and everything was fine but below crossover and even into reverse we had a FF and TIT flux. Changed fuel control(2), fuel pump and then the TD Valve. Still did it and we needed the plane so we had to change the engine. What finally was the problem was a 3 way elbow/valve assy thats on the bottum of the TD valve and was allowing fuel to flow through it(wrong diection). Of coarse when we did the TD valve change we took the old elbow off and put new orings and installed on new TD valve. What a waste of man hours but I will never forget that again and always put new on new if available!!
  3. In the Coast Guard we have 6 J\'s and I think 3 of them have externals on them now (not 100% sure of #). We took them off 3 of our planes we got rid of. From what my J buddys say, the J is plumbed and wired for Ext and refueling pods from the line. But they do use the same Ext.
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