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  1. You can transfer from any other tank back and forth and its normal just the effective tanks are extremely slow. Pressures are good and the transfer of fuel into those tanks is half the rate of fuel transfered into other tanks.On refuel (from a truck) its still extremely slow as the other tanks seem to refuel in unison...All valves,manifolds and refuel valves have been checked and all are good.I even trimmed the foam some under the FLCV to see if that would have made a difference (with no results).
  2. Two aircraft (C-130H) #1 main tank on one aircraft and #4 main on another- slow to take fuel during transfer.I've replaced the refuel valves and all vent valves and borescoped all refuel and vent manifolds . Both tanks on different aircraft are still taking on fuel extremely slower than the opposite tank on the opposite wing.All the other tanks on both aircraft will take fuel at the same rate.I even physically checked the valves in the drybays and all are working... Anything I'm missing here ? any help is greatly appreciated.......Pete
  3. If the plane is in a climb with the tank full it could be coming from the (bathtub fitting),the areas in the top corner of the tank ( rear of the tank.It will leak from the extreme top part of the tank in the flapwell . The FIX is to enter the tank ,scrape and inject sealant into the sealant ports...
  4. replace the check valve in the surgebox.I also agree on checking seals in the wiggins fittings.
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