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    Assigned to 61st TCS after Tech School at Sheppard. Did rotations at Everaux France in 62 & 63 with the 314th TCW. In 64 the 314th started rotations to Naha and Clark with the build up in Vietnam. In 65 I was assigned as crew chief on an Abccc at Tan San Nhut In Saigon which was used to support the air war and Rolling Thunder. Discharged in 1966 and went to work for the Fire Department in Washington DC. I had many great times on the C- 130 and the men I worked with.
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    Today 4/14/2017 off Santa Rosa Beach FL Spring Break
  2. Mike, Thanks for this info on filing a claim. I just started the claim process for IHD, MI, Bypass Surgery. I have requested records as others have recommended on this site. I'm working with a county VSO who is knowledgeable of the process. Your view on the appeals process was well received. The main issue with C-130 personnel is proof of service in Vietnam while on TDY status. The VA and the Air Force should have recognized this problem without us having to justify our service because of their political decisions and poor record keeping.
  3. Insp807


  4. I was in the 314th from 62 to 66. There is mailing list for members of the 314th TCW and an annual reunion is held in Nashville. One person you might remember is SMSGT Al Blumhoefer who was NCOIC of maintenance at Natrang with the 314th. I believe he was also at CCK. Email me at [email protected] and I'll forward you the contact list. I must live right down the road from you, I'm in Leland NC.
  5. I just posted a picture of 62-1825 which was the first ABCCC C-130E that I crewed in Saigon TSN AB. We got there in September 1965 and I left in December. It was crewed by the 314th out of Sewart AFB. Boyd Green was a radio operator in the capsule who took the picture at Eglin prior to picking us up at Sewart.
  6. Bob, C-130B 61-0960 was assigned to the 314th TCW at Sewart, we were changing over to the E's in 1965. My roommate Ken Moser was involved in a drop from Andrews as the crew chief. He is a member so you might want to ask him. I remember the flight going to Andrews as an out and back. A drop was made but no one could discuss it at the time. At the time we awaiting discharge having returned form Saigon. Jim Lane Jim I sent him an e mail through the site about 3 weeks ago. No answer. Can you contact him? Thanks Bob
  7. There is a reunion on Sept. 14th, 2013 in Smyrna next to the base. This includes all 314TCW personnel along with 61,62,50 and 18 TCS from 1960 to base closing. The link is posted in this Form under announcements, 314TCW Reunion. This link also has a neat blog containing info from a lot of the old troops. Jim
  8. Just saw a posting on a website for a reunion of Sewart AFB units to be held in September. http://314thtcw.wordpress.com/ This is for all personnel of the 314 TCW as well as 50, 61, 62 and 18th TCS from 1960 to base closing. Jim Lane
  9. Bob, I just posted 64-0525 E model and 61-0969 B model that Ken Moser had sent me in the gallery. These were also two Sewart birds. Jim Lane Jim Thanks Bob
  10. I'll look in my slides, I had a few of the B models while on troop drops etc. while at Sewart. Sorry to hear about 955, that picture was taken in Tehran Iran while on a rotation out of Everaux, France in 1963. I' see what I've got. Jim
  11. One of the good aspects of being left with the aircraft and being on your own as a crew chief was staying out of trouble. One trip to Istanbul the crew blew it out the night before we left and in the morning didn't have enough money to pay their hotel bill. I ended up pooling all I had with them to get the bills paid. When we lifted off I don't think we four dollars on the plane. I did get paid back.
  12. Just posted a few more pictures in my gallery. Anybody notice the forward cargo door on the picture of 61-0955. This was taken at the airport in Tehran Iran when we could go there in peace. It was hot.
  13. Yes Sir, I was assigned to the 314th from the 61st when the CC went to maintenance. I was in Bravo Section along with Ken Moser above. I just uploaded a set of blanket flight pay orders that were cut in 1965 for our sections. I'm sure you will remember some of us. Albeit we are a little older. Jim Lane
  14. Insp807


    I'm pretty certain we had a Sgt. Bischoff in the 314th OMS at Sewart. He was a crew chief on the B models 1962&1963. I believe I trained under him when I was assigned in 62. I'll ask Ken Moser if he remembers him.
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