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    First flight in a Hercules was in Japan aboard a USMC C-130A based at Iwakunii MCAS. Had opportunity to make two Space A flights with 152nd Airlift Wing here at Reno.
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    retired Navy dentist
  1. 74-1671 is on the 152nd AW "High Roller" ramp in Reno. Check out : highsierraspotters.com and search Montana for a full photo from across the KRNO runway. There 2nd one 73-1597 is also there.
  2. Many thanks. I have a number of photos of "Rock" C-130's. Now I can put a squadron name to the plane.
  3. There are several different tail flash colors of 19th Air Wing C-130's from the "Rock". What colors represent a particular squadron? During the last 2 months, "Rock" C-130's have visited Reno with red, green, white and I believe yellow tail flashes.
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