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  1. GroovyKid


    Memories, The dirty dozen !!!
  2. Does anyone have any pictures of C-130E 64-0536?
  3. I was the crew chief on 64-0536 at cck, it had the best engines!
  4. I was the crew chief on c-130E 64-0536 based out of CCK. I considered it my pride in taking care it for years. Wherever it flew, I was on it. Luck or whatever people call it, I was discharged Sept 1970. After a couple of months stateside I received a letter from the Air Force asking for a statement of the mechanical airworthiness of the aircraft. I did so state of the constant problems with the aileron system sticking. Sent the letter back and to this day have not heard any response. Every push rod, pulley, booster packs and cables were changed and still pilots would complain of the sticking.
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