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  1. I'm trying to find the Generator Control Panel diagram from the early Lockheed Technical Manuals (LTM) This diagram depicts the freq sensing relay, generator control relay, overvoltage relay, internal TR, etc. It's in the LTM electrics book. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Logged many hours sawing logs in the Herky Hilton. Not sure about doing it up top tho. Funny story about sleep on the herc... Bob McDonald, 17th TAS DOV F/E Examiner ("Bobby Beback", nickname earned after telling his wife he'd be back after fetching a loaf of bread, not to return for two days, so many bars on the Parks highway in Alaska!, but this is another story...) A smart Flight Engineer always does his homework before a checkride, of course, with Bobby if you turned up the heat in the cockpit and happened to have a Playboy magazine in your book bag, Bobby would be out like a light for the duration of the checkride and you would get a Q1. This is not to say Bob wasn't a "walk on water" flight examiner, he was. And if you didn't know your stuff he would break it off in your ass so this tactic only worked on squared away F/Es.
  3. Hi folks, Sherm here. Anyone out there have copy of the photo of the C-130 which went off the runway at Cape Romanzof back in the '80s? Story goes the 17th guys couldn't fly that day (winds out of limits at the site) and another unit - TDY to Elmendorf - took the trip and were blown off the strip into the gully on the left side. Damage to outboard fuel tank caused a leak and fire. A man with a front-end loader scooped up a load of snow and extinguished the fire. A crane was frozen into place in a makeshift pond created by damming the ditch draining the right side of the runway. Aircraft was pulled out of the creek, back onto the runway and somehow they got it up to the top where it was repaired and flown out, months later, by a 17th crew which included my buddy, Chief Doug Grant. The photo shows the airplane burning before the fire was put out, this photo was hanging in our squadron's Hardstand 13 lounge while I was a member of the 17th TAS (later renamed 517th AS) from 1991-97. Were you on that aircraft when it had the mishap? Where's that photo with the caption "UHAE" The Unique Hazardous Arctic Enviornment, respect it!" or something like that?
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