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  1. 21 hours ago, NATOPS1 said:

    The "fusible" plug (link) is the part that holds the spring compressed and the hardened plunger retracted.  The test circuit is a lower amperage (7.5A if I remember correctly) and the disconnect power is 20 or 25A.

    IF you hold the test "too long" you an heat up the fusible link and release the disconnect plunger gendiscon.bmp

    Excellent JPG Picture of GEN DISC SYSTEM SCHEMATIC

    Besr Regards

    Munir Abbasu

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  2. 9 hours ago, Cho said:


    i wanna ask you about the elevator and its relation with the elevator trim tab, when the nose is Down what's the position of elevator and the trim tab? 

    Trim tab up  elevator Down Nose Down.

    Best regards

    Munir Abbasi

  3. 5 hours ago, hithroel said:

    Hi Folks,


    I'm currently planning a new module, the fuel-management. Can anybody help me with the question why the fuel management panel of a J-model (the one with the rotary switches and digital readouts) has only one tank selector? What is that rotary switch controlling? I dont find anything about a fuel selector in the public available schemata.



    If anybody ist interested in the current status of my sim: https://c130-sim.weebly.com/

    Contact Ummar Hayyat on

    Omar Hayat Khan omarhk

  4. 6 hours ago, Farhanz said:

    Advise, sir. Did u know how or what are the things that cam cause the plunger mushroom to break as its natural working operation shouldnt be like that sir. 

      Please  let  me know  actual defect during flight . This was not alarm of system during flight which has been mentioned by you sir on forum. It seem to malpractice of flight engineer

    CAUTION Holding GEN DISC TEST switch for an excessive amount of time will fire disconnect(24-20-06)

    Best  regards

    Munir Abbasi

  5. 19 hours ago, Farhanz said:

    Hye guys. I really need help. I had an experienced on this issue. Mine generator disc indicator on the overhead panel not illuminate during test. Before test, my aircraft do experience generator out light and failed bearing light illuminate in flight. Pilot tried to disconnect the generator with the gearbox using generator disconnect system, however the indivator didnt illuminate and it forced pilot to shutdown #3 engine to avoid catastrophic mechanical failure. On the rectification after the flight, it found that the generator had broken with shaft do also broken. From my understanding, failed bearing light is due to mechanicle failure or maybe due to the broken of the generator. However, im still confuse that my gen disc indicator not illuminate during test after replacing generator, VR and GCP. When further rectification on gen disc assy, i did found spring loaded hardened pluger of gen disc assy was broken. Once replacing the plunger, gen disc test light illuminate. Can someone please explain to me? 

    Dear sir you have done  rectification/ FI  totally wrong.  test system of DISC system of  light  is used to check out all disc  circuity of plunger

    When   GEN is Disconnected from RGB   it has been fired.The OUT light of GEN illuminated  due to its rpm drop. But DISC light was  failed to illuminate reason Plunger disc micro  SW was obstructed due to   malfunction of SW or plunger mushroom

    Munir Abbasi


  6. On 3/23/2021 at 9:35 AM, costy21 said:

    Hello Herc masters!

    I"ll be thankfull if you could provide me Drawing no. 3305083 Rev. A, necessary for applying SB 82-790 CW Widepread Fatigue Damage Inspections and TCTO 1C-130-1908.

    Thank you very much!

    Munir Abbasi


  7. On 3/23/2021 at 9:35 AM, costy21 said:

    Hello Herc masters!

    I"ll be thankfull if you could provide me Drawing no. 3305083 Rev. A, necessary for applying SB 82-790 CW Widepread Fatigue Damage Inspections and TCTO 1C-130-1908.

    Thank you very much!

    This document contains technical data whose export is restricted by the Arms Export
    Control Act (Title 22, U.S.C., Sec 2751, et seq.) or the Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended, Title
    50, U.S.C., App. 2401 et seq. Violations of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties.
    Disseminate in accordance with provisions of DoD Directive 5230.

    Munir Abbasi

  8. 4 hours ago, Check Team FR said:

    At the end of the flight, when the aircraft is reconditioned: When I set the Air conditioning Master Switch to OFF or AUX VENT, the breaker cabin press and AUX Vent triggers after 2 seconds. On positions NO PRESS, PRESS MAN or AUTO PRESS, the breaker does not trip ... I have a doubt about a piece of equipment but I would like to have your avionics opinion. Thank you

    Check wiring of air-conditioning system O IC-130B-13 Safety valve ,  with disconnect of Outflow valve and  aux vent systems connectors one by one

    see attach schematic

    Munir Abbasi


    Air  Conditioning CB.jpg

  9. 13 hours ago, Leakybirds said:

    Question for you guys. I have a c130h transferring fluid from the aux system to the utility system. Ive replaced the Ground test valve and the utility system accumulator (which had a leak internally). Neither of those parts solved it and it is still happening. Thoughts on where to go from here? 


    Please See S NEWV9N2.pdf

    Munir Abbasi

  10. 19 hours ago, Fargusmcg said:

    Hello all, 

    Working on a KC-130T-30 and having an issue with the #2 and #4 generators holding a load. Replaced multiple components: #4 gen contactor, one of the bus tie contactors, #2/4 GCP, #4 voltage regulator. Generators will power on and give good freqs and voltages but when switched to on will not carry essential bus or a heavy load. Occasionally we can get either to pick up a bus or remove applied loads and slowly turn items on till the gen out light illuminates and freq and volts are zero. Have verified wire continuity and voltages while gen is operating normally everything checks good. When gen is in a failed state the normal voltage at the voltage regulator pin F should read 5~13 volts DC will read 100+VDC. All systems function normally with gen #1, #3 and APU supplying power. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you check the  load  of  the generator  before GEN OUT light illuminated. it  probably defect of  GEN GFT, installed in reverse polarity . Checked all six GFT polarity ie H1 and H2 IAW TO IC-130B-2-13


    Muniir Abbasi 

    Home of Hercules Pakistan


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  11. On 1/30/2021 at 12:45 AM, NATOPS1 said:

    Question #1: No idea on GPM @ 3000 rpm between 6 and 12 is all I got on that...

    Question #2:  Just assume that  aircraft  hydraulic utility system ,when No 1 EDP pressure is 3000 psi and No.2 EDP pump pressure 3100 psi  how  the pressure act passes  thru passage of single pipe after isolation check valves ?

    The 3000 PSI pump will be at zero flow because the pump compensator  (set at 3000) is satisfied with the pressure. The isolation check valve for this pump will be closed due to the 3100PSI being applied to the check valve preventing it from opening. 

    The 3100 PSI output pump (compensator is set incorrectly) will displace fluid to maintain 3100 PSI, it's isolation check valve will be open and the system pressure gauges will read 3100.

    As hydraulics are used the pressure will drop and the 3000 PSI pump will be allowed to help out but only until the 3100 PSI pump builds its pressure back to 3100, then the 3000 pump will again go to zero flow condition.


    Munir Abbasi

  12. On 1/12/2021 at 5:43 AM, tinyclark said:

    You will have to contact Lockheed. I used to have access to those LAC processes when I was working.

    Sir Gary your excellent engineer/technician of  electrical wiring  and hope you  will collect the previous  best memory and reply.

    Munir Abbasi

    Home of Hercules Pakistan

  13. 7 hours ago, hehe said:

    The Ejected pressure from the engine should never indicate exactly in the flight deck for quite a few reasons.

    1.  Pressure drops across distance.  In order to get 125 psi in the flight deck, the engine would need to be making 150-ish psi at the engine (just an estimate).   Pressure drops across distance because flow and volume is required to get that pressure across a distance.  

    2.  The system has allowable and normal leaks.  Every valve in the system is bleeding off or leaking a small amount.  Some are calibrated to leak a certain amount and others just leak as a result of their design.  Very few pneumatic systems are perfectly leak proof.  For example, if you have 20 valves in a system and they are all leaking small amounts of air, your 125 psi becomes more like 70 after the bleed offs.  This is why the system has a bleed down time.  The drop from 30 to 15 psi in 22 seconds or more is a indication a satisfactory level of "normal" leakage.  If there were no leaks in the system at all, your bleed air pressure would never drop.

    3.  Almost all systems are like this.  Hydraulics, fuel, electrical, oxygen, etc.  The system is designed to provide a higher amount than is required so that it can "bleed off" some for normal system losses and still provide a set amount.  

    Hope that helps.


    Munir Abbasi 

    Home of Hercules Pakistan

  14. 10 hours ago, pjvr99 said:

    at sea level, a 0/low time compressor will make 80 to 85psi at normal ground idle. This increases 

    as throttle is advanced towards take off an TIT increases. The highest I have ever seen was 130psi.

    This was a 0 time engine where the CDP fell in "high" zone of the compressor graph. Compressor

    performance is based on OAT and pressure altitude.

    Thanks for excellent response .let me rephrase my query regarding Engine  bleed output pressure at Engines throttle higher setting. normally the pressure is indicated in flight deck bleed manifold Gage approximately 70 to 80 PSIG  where one engine output pressure is 125 PSIG at 155 ppm  . Question arise in my mind that one engine bleed output is metered 125psig but all four engines operating at higher throttles setting is droped to 70 to 80 psig when both  air -conditioning are ruing condition with flow rate  of 70 ppm and 30 ppm.

    Best regards

    Munir Abbasi

    Home of Hercules Pakistan


    Hello  T56A -15  power plant Pneumatic  Expertise

    T56A-15  (C-130 E model) engine can provide approximately 155 pounds of air flow per minute at 635F and 125 pounds per square inch of gauge pressure.  Bleed manifold pressure gauge is mounted in F/deck  (direct gauge) display approximately 70 PSIG .where  remaining  pressure of  the engine flow?

    Best Regards

    Munir Abbasi

    Home of Hercules Pakistan

  16. 13 hours ago, Kaydee said:

    whenever i am running the APU, the fire warning light on both master warning light and the APU T-handle light come up and remain steady once i put ON the air condition. however, if the air condition is not running, the operation of the APU  remains normal. i have tried to check for bleed leaks from he APU to the manifold and no leak was found. pls i need urgent help on what next to look up to pls

    There no APU Fire alarm system is connected to air-conditioning system .Problem  is APU pneumatic ducting. It might be exhaust duct partial  became  rapture.

    Best Regards

    Munir Abbasi

    Home of Hercules Pakistan

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