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  1. 913thAG is also there with the C-130J schoolhouse. This includes the 327TAS that used to be at Willow Grove Air Station in PA but got BRAC'ed in 2007.   Former 913th/327th Reserve Air Tech member WGARS,PA


  2. On 8/6/2011 at 1:53 PM, Muff Millen said:

    Ken you are right ....I have forgotten when Tachi closed down the "A" operation....but the 345 TAS moved from CCK to Kadena Dec 1973 then moved to Tachi in 1975 and are still there. The guys are probably too busy doing back to back TDYs to the sand box.



  3. On 8/1/2014 at 4:12 PM, airfix1338 said:

    hello all,i have just found a picture of C-130A 54-01640 in an old edition of AIR EXTRA issue 26 page 6 and the camouflage matches a picture on this website showing the aircraft in VNAF service coded HCO-there is even the faint outline of the VNAF star and bar on the rear fuselage! does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this?

    C-130A 54-1640 was a "Snub-Nose" that was later at Willow Grove ARF,PA in 1975. I flew that a few times as an Flt Engineer. It flew great during a Europe run we made from the US.   EFLTatCCK

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  4. May Zim rest in peace. He was my Flight Engineer Instructor when I was a C-130A(54 models) Flight Engineer at Willow Grove Air Reserve Station with the 913th/327th.

    He was always knowledgeable and helped any of the engineers if they had problems. I flew with him many times on our A's. He also went to Desert Shield/Storm with us in 90/91 .

    After retiring he flew C-130A's with a Fire tanker unit that flew in Europe and also he worked as a contract civilian airplane mechanic in Japan.

    Hope Zim is still flying a C-130 in Heaven. Our thoughts go out also to Mrs. Zimmerman.

    Vince Acquaviva 

  5. It's good to see that the 327th AS is flying again. We had a great history both in missions and flying safety at the 913th Air Wing at Willow Grove Air Reserve Station. The First Joint Reserve Base on the East Coast since 1959.

    Vince Acquaviva former 327th member



  6. Randy, it's great to hear from you after all these years. Welcome to the C130 site. I been in touch with with Tom Norton that RE-Started the E-Flt Roster of members.  There are some pictures of Brewers 515 in the dirt on the A/Amer site. You and Bob Wellman were good crew chiefs together on 62-1859. I think 1859 is still flying and belongs to another country. I saw it a few years ago at Mc Guire when it was on the way across the Atlantic.   Thanks to you. You were the person that got me interested in E-Flight. 1859 was a Great Acft and the Thanks go to You and Bob. Keep in touch with Tom and I.   Vince Acquaviva  ( "Shorty") E-Flt

  7. There was also a Snub-Nose C130A ,a 1954 A  model 54-1636 that landed at Midway island in the early 70's. The Acft was on a ferry mission from the US Conus ,then Hickam AFB  to Vietnam for the VNAF. A fuel transfer problem in- flt caused fuel to transfer from the left wing to the right wing. A later mod was a crossfeed seperation valve on all early "A" Models.

    The Acft had both engs on left side flame out and on Emerg Landing at Midway #3 also flamed out during landing.


  8. Anybody have any photos of 63-7777. Crewed her from 1987-1990 at Yokota.

    ​This was 63-7777(Bunch Of Seven's) at CCK near Delta Row near the Flt Line Snack Bar  in the 70's when I was at CCK.



  9. Most Roman Nose C-130A's were 1953 to 1954 A Models. We had a few at Willow Grove Air Reserve Station in Horsham,Penna from 1970 to 1976 where I was a Flt Engineer on the "Snub-Nose's". The USAF/USAFR/ANG/Navy training at that time was at Ellington AFB which also had "Snub-Noses".


  10. I hope this isn't C-130E 63-7868 from the Robins Air Museum that was on that flatbed on that Georgia highway. That was the aircraft that I Crew'ed while I was in "E" Flight.

    EFLT at CCK (Vince)

  11. Bob,

    You are correct. A few of my former co-worker ARTS flight crew and maintenance were from Active Duty at Langley. I have an close friend that I retired with at the "Grove" with who was originally maintenance and then a flt engineer and later back in maintenance like me. His name is Mark Wilby,and he was at Langley Active Duty in the early 70's. He was also at CCK when I was there.

    EFLTatCCK/ Vince

  12. Is this a reactivation of the 327AS that was at Willow Grove,Pa from the C-119 days to the C130A and E days? If so I have to inform the 913th alumni that have many former flight crews and maintenance about this venture.

    Please keep me advised.


  13. I recognize Rich"Pineapple" Gregorio. At CCK he was a Crew Chief,QA, and then a E-Flight Team Chief. He at one time Crewed a Snub-Nosed C-130A 53-3135.

    He is now living in TX. I talked with him a few weeks ago and he remembers many of us from E-Flight.

    EFLT at CCK/Vince

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