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  1. Brings back memories of my 1st assignment--I arrived at Naha in late 1968 and left in Dec 1969 and when I wasn't TDY, I was the OIC of the 374FMS Fabrication Branch--the sheet metal shop made and repaired the flare dispensers in the bats. Those guys flying the bats and the crewmembers doing their job in the back were amazing. I remember the terrible conditions the FMS folks had to endure in their unairconditioned rooms--4 people to a room and we had a crusty old Lt Col WWII bomber pilot as the squadron commander and he didn't allow anything pinned to the walls.
  2. 43151F--have you been working with your county Veterans Service Office (VSO) or VFW to help you with this. Like Joewanafly I kept records of my two TDYS--one to CRB and other to TSN. If you do not have records, the VSO should help you request the National Records Center to send copies of your travel voucher. In 1969 I was the OIC of the Fab Branch at Naha. bob
  3. I remember Col Norwood from Langley when he was the vice commander. I was the M.O. on a training deployment to nellis and Fallon NAS and I had just been promoted to Capt. I offered some unsolicited advice and he gave what turned out to be the best butt chewing I ever got in 30 years-- that reaming lasted a long time---needless to say, I never again did the unsolicited advice routine.
  4. Barry--- I arrived at Naha around mid-Dec 1968 and was assigned as OIC of the Fab Branch. Ed Randall was the Maint Supervisor I reported to but he soon went PCS and the Superintendent I think was CMSgt Sears. Lt Col George Zukowski was the Sqdn Commander. It's possible we crossed paths but if I had been at the O Club for those happy hour drinks before meeting you, then I do have some gaps in my memory. From Naha I went to Langley and the 36TAS as one of its maint officers. I only spent a year at Naha because they started the phasedown and I had the eraliest DEROS becuase I was unaccompanied. Bob Darden
  5. Cool photo--brought nack memories!! I was a 374 FMS maint officer tdy to TSN in 1969 and somehow wrangled a flight with a A model crew that had went south of TSN to drop off 55 gallon drums of fuel to an Army location--did assault landing , backed up and got the fuel off and did an assault takeoff--to me the takeoff was more a thrill than the landing.
  6. You need to contact your county's veteran service office (VSO) and see what they can do to help get the DD214 corrected. Also if ypou ever need to apply for VA benefits because of Agent Orange, the TDY orders/DD214 are key items to prove you qualify.
  7. The FMS folks were all TDY to the best of my recollection. I distinctly remember the Squadron commander and maintenance chief taking their end of month trips to claim their income tax exemptions. I did not serve in the 374OMS but my hat goes off to everyone who did--their schedule was relentess. the enlisted barracks had no air conditioning and were overcrowded.
  8. The As were at Cam Rahn Bay til approx April 1969 and then they were transferred down to Tan Son Nhut, I was a maint officer with the 374 FMS and was TDY to both locations. The 374 TAW also had the A model Blind Bats based at Ubon AB< Thailand
  9. TSGT Art Deilly was on the flight--he was transferring from the 36TAS at Langley. Art was a fun loving, hard drinking guy who worked his butt off turning wrenches on the flight line and teaching younger crew chiefs the "ropes". I can remember well how much he liked the Prince Charles Hotel at Fayetteville-- so much I had to come down and retrieve him a couple of times when we deployed together. I also remember how hard it was to hear about the crash--it happened when the 36TAS was on rote to Rhein-Main. I learned" a lot about living" with the big guy. Rest in peace Art and have one on me> Bob Darden, M.O. at the time of the accident a 1LT
  10. I was at McChord this past September ---wished I had known about this then. I would have tried to go see it. I was a Maint Officer in the 36 TAS at Langley in 1970-71. I think overall, it was the most fulfilling duty I had while on active duty and the AF Reserve. I will have to have a talk with my son why he didn't tell me about this!! Bob Darden
  11. My original assignment at Hurlburt was in Log Plans but the DM (Col Wilson) moved to the gunships because of my C-130 experience. After about 5 months MPC got wise and moved me back to Log Plans where I became the Wing Mobility Officer. The OMS Sqdn CC was Lt Col Ritenour--known affectionately as the Turkey man. Great guy. We 2 more than likely crossed paths on that tiny airfield.
  12. I was a Maint Off at Hurlburt from late 72-early 74 and she was one of the airplanes there--quirky bird and being first off production line meant she was very different than the other C-130As I had been around at Naha in 1969--not to mention the guns and all the sensor stuff. The crew chief was a TSGT--first name Teddy
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