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    Flight Engineer from 1979 to 1994, was in 36th, 37th,39th TAS's and the 7th & 8th SOS's retired in 94, moved to England in 96.
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    March, Cambs. Uk
  1. Picture this, you just got your trusty Herc, stuck in the mud beside a lake in bonefuk Bolivia. Mother MAC wants you to hang around for question & answer time. Why not, billeting is a cot that the army has to spare. You and the crew stick them under the wing and start taking stock. Got a nice lake near by and on day three a swim seems in order, at least they waited until after to mention about the Prianhas. And every night the Bolivian SF ( their M-1s held together with black electrical tape) would sing in spanish Ghost Riders in the Sky. MREs and a hot meal flown in by DC-3 working for the DEA. Oh but life was good.
  2. Also in reference to what is a dumd bird, Non AWADS acft were called that. AWADS being the Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System, or the All Weather Eyes of the Blue-Tailed Flies. How you doing Don? Yeah the beer had a lot to to do with things that happened at Rhien Main. I was there 79 to 81.
  3. Thats great,now if I can just stumble around the site, takes alittle getting use too. But does seem easier than before. Thanks again!
  4. Yes many thanks, you\'ve done really well. Is there going to be private messages, like the last site or is that gone do to security reasons.
  5. flteng1994


    Just to go off topic, I was stationed at Rhein Main in the eighties and there was an FE named Don Rodgers at that time in the 37th was that you?:(
  6. I was digging thru some stuff in the loft the other day and stumbled on some old video\'s. There was one where our Herk got stuck while operating as a bladder bird. In Bolivia must have been in the 80\'s. I can remember it was a real bad week, only to get worst when we got out of the first hole only too get in other and this time we knocked off no.4 prop. And I still remember the CCT guy telling us \" this area is good cause I checked it myself\", yeah!! Anyways if someone can give me a clue on how too transfer from VHS to something that I can share. Let me know?
  7. Just checking in. Yeah this does seem to be easier to use. Oh well if the forum\'s have to be restarted so be it!
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