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  1. I was just wanting to post some information regarding the crash of the C130 on Guam in 1972. I was on duty at mid field at NAS Agana when this happened. The aircraft was doing touch and go's and had just past us at midfield when a wing dipped and the plane started cartwheeling down the grassy area between runways. It came to rest at the departure end engulfed in massive fire. There was only one Pan Am stewardess on board and she with the rest of the crew were killed in the fire, minus two that had gotten out of the plane whether it was out of the tail or wreckage I don't recall but one of these guys was burnt pretty bad, and the other beaten up and shaken but not critical. We were on the aircraft as soon as it came to rest but were unable to put the fire down with foam and light water quick enough to save anyone. Trully a sad day in my career of 41 years. I believe that Pan Am named a 747 Clipper Ship after the stewardess that passed in the crash.
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