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  1. I am looking for an ex IP that is willing to travel for a week. Contact me at [email protected] ASAP.
  2. Found this in the 1C-130H-10 paragraph 2-68 Cowling Installation. Note: On cowl panels Part Number 362544-1L, and -1R, the uppermost forward and aft camloc fasteners can be removed and the holes patched in accordance with TO 1C-130A-3. The forward cowl must have a minimum of eight camlocs on the forward end and two camlocs on the aft end to adequately secure the panels to the engine nacelle.
  3. The first pic resembles the "BEAR" mission we flew in Panama with the Dyess crews. We just replaced the doors with ours and put a box in the back. I dont see the fler on the the air deflectors but that might have just been on our mission birds. "Pacer Coin"
  4. #3s get started first way too many times. The book suggest alternating engines. I had the same issues in Bogota at 8000' and in Iraq with 100+ oat. In Bogota we alternated starts depending on odd and even days. In Iraq they started #4 or #2 first then just said the hell with it.
  5. Sounds like you need to send the prop to the shop and have the pump hsg and dome resealed.
  6. Have you tried swapping the fuel flow indicator?
  7. Parrot


    Wasn’t all this in a Lockheed service bulletin? I’ve seen it written down somewhere explaining it but can’t remember where. I don’t see it in the TOs.
  8. Parrot


    I still dont buy it all. Why is the TIT 100° cooler in GI than LSGI?
  9. There is a paragraph in the front of every single TO/JG that states that this book does not cover every single situation. There is also a MOI that discusses this. It usually states all panel, cowling, doors will either be completely installed or completely removed. CONDITIONS NOT COVERED BY THIS MANUAL. The instructions in this manual represent planned action for conditions normally encountered during maintenance. It is almost impossible to account for maintenance difficulties that may be only occasionally encountered. Therefore, the use of local decisions for general repair practices not involving safety of flight is encouraged to avoid unnecessary delay when coverage in the manual is incomplete. Any variation from procedures shall be consistent with standard shop practices and shall not detract from overall efficiency and operation of the equipment.
  10. http://www.tpub.com/content/automotiveaccessories/TB-55-9150-200-24/TB-55-9150-200-240028.htm Id use 23699.
  11. ACFT was destroyed Monday. I sent pics to Bob if he would like to post. Wont let me post here. Nothing classified.
  12. We were told to take what we can off of it. It will be destroyed.
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