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  1. 1-The 3-inch, motor-operated valve provides a smooth cutoff of fuel to the single point panel during rapid off loading of fuel. 2-If the surge suppressor fail to operates the off load valve will prevent damage to system components from surges in the refuel manifold. 3- when placing master switch to drain position this will energized contacts of the off load valve relay.and fuel is pumped from the refueling and SPR manifolds into the No. 3 main fuel tank.
  2. Hey . everyone i have a question about who is Responsible to performs a propeller oil service . is the APG suppose to do it Or the propeller shop. thanks again .
  3. there is is a reducer installed just before the butter fly valve in center drybay ? i think there i reason for that reducer.
  4. Off-load valve is reducing fuels pressure coming out from the fuel truck, the fuel truck pumping 200 psi into the aircraft and that's will affect the fuel system lines inside the aircraft that's why the off-load valve takes a place to reduce the pressure. Abod.SH
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