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  1. Could you send a picture for contour clamp PN: 337008-26H-64?
  2. Thanks. Finally i found pn on the nameplate. Do exist wear limits for teeth? I am looking for 3H1-17-4
  3. No, lock mechanism is ok. Teeth of Base Plate are weared. I don't know limit for that and how it repair. I'm afraid we need replace to new base plate.
  4. I am looking for maintenance documentation and IPB for lift assy SWE8271. Thank you for help
  5. Ok, thanks. I replaced by new one.
  6. What is allowable limits for hydraulic fluid contamination of velve housing in propeller for ASF-31 (MIL-PRF-83282)? I can't find information about this in 42B2-1-3...
  7. Problem with oil temperature thermostat PN: 695539-5. Is it repairable? Do exist procedure for repair or scale it? Regards N.
  8. Newbie


    Do you perform preservation IAW 1C-130H-2-00GE-00-1, chapter 5-29.7?
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