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  1. http://www.info241.com/spip.php?page=pages_mobiles&squelette_mobile=mobile/article&id_article=639 They made it to port ok. I think they stand a better chance this time to keep it flying.
  2. The Gabon AF just finished towing L-100-20 TR-KKB c/n [cn]4710[/cn] from the Libreville airport to the port on the other side of the city to be transported by ship to OGMA. I will try to post pics of the aircraft move. Merry Christmas, Sonny
  3. i have a pic on my phone. I will post it when I get a chance.
  4. Happy birthday Casey! Have a great Thanksgiving with the family!!! Sonny
  5. Just passing this forward: http://www.lynden.com/shiplac/jobopenings/SrMechJobDesc.html Sonny
  6. Just got back from Jordan. I will post some pics as soon as I get them off my Blackberry.
  7. Bob, Please send me a copy. [email protected] Thanks for keeping up with the herks!
  8. They should be arriving to their new home in Jordan right about now.
  9. There have been attempts to get the bird restored. Hurlburt Field wanted the aircraft but there is no way to transport it. From what I remember, the configuration and some of the material used on the aircraft prevent it from being dissasembled and transported. That was the 2002 -2004 timeframe. I hope they do decide to restore her. It will take some work since a lot of equipment is missing.
  10. The chine angle is at WL 147~ and runs from FS 245 to FS 737. Like Mike said it is where the belly and fuselage skin come together. The chine angle is a 3 leg extrusion where the chine plate, fuselage skin, belly skin, vertical beams, and cargo floor bulkheads attach to. It is or similar to the LS 3868 extrusion.
  11. I was watching Moon Machines this norning on the Science Channel and L-100 (4101) N920NA delivered the first lunar rover to NASA. The fist lunar rover was flown on Apollo 15. 4101 led a storied life. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in Angola. It is sad to lose a piece of history this way. http://www.herkybirds.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=6008&c=19 Sonny
  12. Make sure the fuel vent outlet screens stay with the aircraft if they were removed by TCTO 1C-130-2080. See paragraph 5.1.4 of the TCTO. The screens will be installed when TCTO 1C-130-2082 is completed by DFTs.
  13. ANCS, from what I recall it was a ANG mod.
  14. I liked it better when it was unpainted.
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