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  1. It sounds like the problem is with the TD AMP.... But if u have already changed it then plz chek the wiring from AMP to VALVE... also chek the system by going through TD TESTER...
  2. Dear PJ have u fix the problem or still working on it?? If u have fixed it plz share it.. Thanx.
  3. Have u checked compressor 5 and 10 stage blades.... Compressor washing may b required... Turbine boroscoping....
  4. U need to chek the top surfaces of wing at fuel tank point.... I think leak is coming from top surfaces of tank dur to air pressure.
  5. Dear friend is the was fuel leak at the time of landing??? I means when u were descending the plane was there fuel leackage exist or were stoped???
  6. Dear at what flt level fuel leak started??? I hope the leak stops as soon as u decend for landing...
  7. Plz chek the y type HT lead.... Or any loose terminal end....
  8. Plz check ignitor plug if working properly...also check HT lead connecting ignitor plug.
  9. Pleased to read this topic... Very interesting fect u explained.... Thanx dear..... It really increased the knowledge of many.... REGARDS.
  10. That's dear Ahmer i ask fir help on this matter... Kets see if any one can guide about this....
  11. Dear PJ in this JG only rigging procedure is given... But quadrant parts removal and instalation is not given.
  12. Hello Herculece experties.... Need your help regarding maintenence of throttle quadrant... Can any body please tell me IN WHICH TECHNICAL publication (T.Os or JG) removal and installation and overhauling of throttle quadrant including all its parts removal and installation is given... And plz can u people tell me which agency is doing overhauling of this bcoz as per my knowlege in PDM WORK PACKAGE its not available... Thanks and many regards.
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