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  1. Some more Troubleshooting: Bleed Air Valves do not open during start Check Speed Sensitive Valve Remove and clean / Replace Bleed air valves Teflons Anti-Icing Valves Open during start Check anti-icing valves Hope to be Helpful! Regards
  2. Hi!!! If you have already checked the rigging, you have to register START TIT, RPM and FUEL FLOW (as said by pjvr99), if those values are too high, check the LSGI regulation on the FCU. Assuming that the engine works full mechanically (NO TD Amplifier), The Temperature and RPM are in accordance with the Fuel supplied by the FCU. If you reach on a good compromise (TIT and RPM) at LSGI you will have good values at HSGI. Let us Know more details!
  3. Hi ! Did you checked the Overspeed Solenoide, Valve? Did you preformed the continuity checks on both electrical plugs (on Load Valve and Solenoid Valve)? The Filter Between the Load Valve and the Solenoid Valve is clean and Tightened? Just some questions and some leads! Kindest Regards!!
  4. Dear Ahmer, is a relation of speed and fuel! More rotation on the Flying Weights of FCU, than more fuel added on both situations! Regards!
  5. As you can see the Low Speed Ground Idle is Adjustable on the FCU. If you have the RPM's very low, you must adjust them between 96.3 and 99.1 for High Speed Ground Idle. When you adjust LSGI on FCU, it will increase the HSGI. Regards!!
  6. Hi pjvr99, do you have adjusted the LSGI on FCU? Regards
  7. The Multiple Centrifugal Switch has been changed!
  8. Yes! 20 minutes after starting the APU stops!
  9. The APU stops when i connect the generator and when i open the Bleed Air Valve! Yes i can start an engine with he APU!
  10. Part Number - 381116-1-8 / Model:GTCP85-180L / Designation: APU Power Gas Turbine Engine Honeywell / Doc:2G-GTCP85-44 / Aircrft: C-130
  11. With Bleed Air Valve CLOSED, it runs without problems!
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