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  1. Lionel

    SMP 777

    Hello to the Herc family. I am looking for an numerical version of the SMP 777. I am working on C130H and H30. Thanks
  2. No int panel in the back
  3. Thanks. I will try this
  4. Thanks to you all. The problem was that the gear box was defective
  5. Hello to everybody. I have a problem with my headset. When the hot mic is off, I can not ear / or by intermittce. I faced this issue with many Hercules I don't know why. I am sitting in the forward post cargo compartment. Thanks
  6. Hi to the c130 family. I'm facing a difficulty with the shift t-handle for manual operation of flaps. This handle can't be fully retracted causing the flaps electrical control inoperative. I have tried all sorts of tricks to solve this issue( emergency flap brake, manipulation of the stud by the crank while pushing in,...). I need your help please
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