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  1. The NY ANG LC130Hs are all converted now to 8 blade. They are working on the training birds now. Shortly they will all be 8 blade. That makes it easier on us mechanics on parts and equipment to have only one model to fly. We went from 1000lbs thrust per can to 1200lbs thrust per can. But they also cost the same numbers in dollars. That's why we wanted the 8 bladed prop with new engines going on these days. We can get the RATOs just the cost, now jump right off short LZs. If we can get the electronic fuel control like Navy is R&D on the E2D Super Hawkeye/Greyhounds we will be near the end of mods. Eliminates the coordinator. The folks are going new dash as fast we can. Saves about 20 million. Our birds were 30 million brand new. With all the mods worth about 50 million. The J is 72 million. Been to McMurdo 4 times, hoping for one more time like they are now. Any questions, [email protected] Flying Squirrel V/r Trent D. Morris, TSgt USAF
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