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  1. helo guys i would like to share a small experience with and have some feedbacks. well,after a completion of a flight, we were performing the engine shutdown check list and the parking brake was set , but just after pulling the engine condition levers to ground stop the aircraft start rolling!!!! the aircraft was was parked in a downslope area and the shocks were not inserted yet but there is nothing specified in the flight manual that the aircraft may move in such circumstances!!! thanks for sharing
  2. i know that accumulators provide brake pressure but my question is : why the aircraft start to roll? since the park brake is set, the brakes should retain the aircraft even if the EDP stop runnnig!!!
  3. i'm wondering if the park brake is effective without system pressurised. actually , i parked the aircraft facing a downslope but when we shut down the engines the aircraft started to roll!!! which was freaking!!!! have anyone experienced that before or have any explanation?
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