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  1. Just wondering if anyone else has ever seen an oil cooler flap go completely vertical ? I had my plane land the other day with #3 standing tall from a "stuck" oil cooler. Upon landing and looking, I noticed the flap had broken and gotten stuck at 90 degrees. I found this to be a rather odd break, and was just wondering who else has seen this ?
  2. Next time it will pay for you to not pay attention to the Air Force directives!!
  3. I\'m sorry to tell you, but the pitch lock regulator has nothing to do with the atmospheric side of the pump housing
  4. During taxi, there is a vibration coming from the the MLG, both squeling and grinding. Upon insp of the brakes and tires there was no defect noted?? Just curious if anyone has run into this problem before!? All call to the experienced guys on this one!!
  5. I\'m taking you were on the P model? I was the Chief on the Yokota tail.
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