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  1. WTF................I was on this morning at 05:40 EST and saw the pic's of the Polish Herk mishap and now they are gone! I've been telling every interested party about it all day and now they are deleted. What's up? It's not that big of a deal, but then again it's damn important to the crew's of all nation's that fly our bird. WHAT IS GOING ON?


  2. For Nav's it went like this:

    Roll up flight jacket, place on top of nav table, slump forward with head placed onto rolled jacket,.............."siesta time".

    Other than that........whenever and wherever you can find a place. On the slick models the top bunk suited me fine, however, being a former crew chief I understood the work load he/she had awaiting them upon our arrival. So, the cc in the top bunk was always considered their territory as far as I was concerned.

    TIP: Invest in a Therm-A-Rest mattress. I use mine all the time in civy flying. They are expensive but well worth the cost. Most camping/climbing stores have them. When FBO crew lounges are full and/or you are bushed but still do not have enough time to get to a far away hotel........'nuff said!


  3. Or it can be the way's that commmander's show how they have the power to change thing's.......instead of "leaving well enough alone." Hmmmm. Maybe nearing the end of a fiscal year it is a way to spend all of the remaining money in order to get a new and increased budget.


    BTW====> C-130 squadron's should still be Tactical Airlift Squadron's in my opinion!

  4. Hello Alexander, and welcome to the site! This may, or may not help, but it's worth a try for you take a look at the following suggestions.

    1) Contact (send a personal msg. on this site) to FLYBOY773. His name is Archie and is a good frind of mine, and Dan Wilson's. Archie is an FE at Youngstown, and could provide some insight for that locale.

    2) Heed to the advice giving to you by the above members. Be persistent, but polite. NEVER burn any bridges! You will soon learn what a small community the Herk world is, and it is a valuable one to be a part of.

    3) Keep accurate, and detailed records and notations on EVERYTHING! When asked for a document and/or info. on any call's/contacts have the info. immediately available. Not being prepared will be detremental for your case, and could result in your appointment(s) being re-scheduled 60 to 90 day's out.

    4) As with any military specialty, you must learn to accept things as they come......the more you try to change something, the more frustarted you will get. Uncle Sam's Flying Circus is very set in it's way of doing things. Take the advice given and work with it!

    5) Have a back up plan! Another specialty is a good idea. You are at a great age, and the re-training possibilities are quite possible. I wanted to be a pilot, but became a Nav due to my eyesight. I had a wonderful career, and had I been p***ed off at the world and just "given up" I would have missed out on one heck of great time!

    6) KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Do not get yourself down at any time! Those who stay on course get what they want in the end. I know a retired pararescueman that attained his goal/dream on his third try to get into that elite specialty......... If you want it, you will get it what you want, or have your back-up plan to get yourself known in the air force.

    7) Word of Caution=====> From what you wrote, you are handling your personal life very well. KEEP YOUR TRACK RECORD ON COURSE! A DWI, arrest altercation, use of illegal substance(s), or a telephone call from an adversary is a sure way to lose it all.

    Take care of yourself, and let us know how it goes buddy!


  5. I remember a zit-faced E-2 going home on leave from Teh. School back in the 70's that was wearing a rather "unique" ribbon w/ a device on it. It was the Berlin Airlift ribbon with the little C-46 device on it. I asked him what it was for and he said it was awarded in private from a general for his terrific academic standards. I just had to wonder if the kid was telling the truth about some guy he met in a bar, or was a decrepid little neanderthal that needed his ass kicked.


  6. Yeah.......(sigh!!!!!), some localities/state's saw, and still see to this day the opportunity for "industrial park's!" Think about it.........utilities (to include water/sewage treatment plants), plenty of concrete, hangar's, administrative building's, expensive fencing, and space for a lot of semi trailer's. They also make terrific minimum-security prison's due to the dormitory space.

    Yes, "you can't go back"; but the memory's and photograph's shall prevail! As well as my gray hair........


  7. Whoa! I forgot about the old "Jack Daniel's Act". Really funny! Take an empty fifth of Jack, Beam, Royal (whatever suits your fancy) and fill it up with iced tea, or Coke, etc.. Give it to the Load to put in his/her bag. Take a stroll down from the flight deck, give some friendly "airline b.s smiles and hello's" to the pax, then enjoy a few belt's from the bottle with the Load. It was absolutley hilarious to see the faces on the pax.


  8. Roger that! The museum is nice, but a joke in itself regarding their operations. They advertise the hours of operation, but if a volunteer doesn't show up then everyone is S.O.L., and you get to look at planes from outside the fence. Grissom is also a fine example of how the local govt. did not care, nor want a military presence in their locality.


  9. Had an old MSgt tell me when I was a youngest, pledge for all the " money give me's" then write "decease" on envelope and return when you get billed. No one will check on it. Squadron get 100%.


    Yeah......(sigh!!!!!) And the sqdn. CC who hated my ass wanted to know why a E-4/SRA could not give 20%! When I asked him if he ever looked at the "pay scale" he went off into another spastic fit as to why I could not manage my enlisted force effectively. Okay......roger that again!

    E-4/SRA+Wife+Baby(X2)+Trasp.+"bill's"=MORE DEBT! MORE STRESS!

    Bottom line--------the creation of a problem. We need to/have to depend on our airmen and NCO's. Hopefully, the command structure will get it right. Placing financial stress is something that can, and well should be done away with. These troop's are adults! Let them take their pay and see fit as to how they "disperse" it!


  10. Hiya' Fish,

    Come to thinlk of it, I do recall the story. I'll call an old crewdog that related it to me once to get more/any info. on it. I can tell you that some crew's (including myself) hauled "personal items" on the plane. The key was to have it "packaged officially". I used to haul around furniture that I would purchase on some TDY's, and the Loadie would help me wrap/package and label it as "Flag Officer Professional Equipment=Authorization Required". The general's name would always be "Lt.Gen. David C. Hutchins" (we got the name off of the back of a Phil Collins CD; his recording engineer.) As for a car........that would take some ba--'s!


  11. Not flight related, but I still chuckle when it comes to mind. When I was an RF-4C crew chief at Zweibrucken, and we had a newbie in the step van and/or truck and went to fuel up, one of us would throw a fatigue hat on a seat and say, "Alright......pitch in for gas!" We would then proceed to throw in a buck each, and the newbie (with complete uncertainty) would follow in. At the POL pump, we would advise him to go pay the attendant. It was so funny to see the look on the face of the POL troop.


  12. Yeah......one of my Sqdn CC's advised me that I was a "relic with an attitude." It sure didn't help matters when I started to crack up laughing in his face. Not the most intelligent move on my part, but at that time I had already been passed over for 0-5 twice and knew that "relic with an attitude" may well have been a compliment to my behalf, and to the "old AFSOC" way's of doing things!


  13. My wife reminded me of the Combined Federal Contribution Fund requirement. Roger that! When an NCO/Officer demands that all young airmen (who have a damn hard time making it on what they get paid) donate more than their "fare share" to a group of complete f---ing strangers; then the said EPR/OER will reflect such action. Immediate promotion "ahead of peers" is guaranteed!


  14. Ahhhhh, c'mon! It's so simple folks. He didn't smoke cigarettes, he played golf, paid his club due's, volunteered to escort politicians, took care of commanders dog, knew when to stay out of the way, and drank single-malt, versus whiskey. All of that will guarantee a top notch performance/efficiency report.

    BTW......those that have the art of kissing ass can expect their report's to go into the stellar mode!


  15. I'm sure "airnav" could add a few comments about mustangs, right Kurt?

    Don R.

    Roger that! I have to admit that since I couldn't make staff sergeant, I became an officer!The one thing that always perturbed me was the fact that every branch of our military has a "Mustang Association" except the USAF. Think about it......... It will reveal some interesting insights. The air force never referred to us as Mustang's. We were/are known as "Prior Service."


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