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  1. A flight such as that would have been written up in the 315th Air Division mission record which was kept by the navigator. Those kinds of records should be at the Air University at Maxwell. Awards and Decs at Naha were taken care of by sections. I was one of the three loadmaster awards and decs guys in the 35th. We would go through the Form 5s and put people in for Air Medals. Since the repairs you guys made were on the ground, it should have gotten either an Air Force Commendation or a Bronze Star. There should have been someone in maintenance responsible for awards and decs. Your right about crew chiefs normally not flying on missions out of Cam Ranh. The only time I remember any of the guys flying with us was on the night cargo flights to Qui Nhon.
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    My first TDY was from Pope to Shaw to attend physiological training in October 1964. My first real TDY was a few months later in March 1965 when our crew went on rotation to Evreux. We went a week early because the squadron had lost a crew on a night low-level during an ORI. We were supposed to be there for 90 days but then TAC sent out TWO BUCK and all of the E-models were called back from Europe to go to PACAF and we were only there for about five weeks. We had a couple of weeks before we were to depart for Kadena and during that time we went TDY to Benning to drop troops, the first basic airborne school to jump the Herk (they had been using Reserve C-119s.) We got called back from there a day early because of the DR crisis. We flew about three missions to the DR then left for Kadena in early May. We came home in early July and after leave went to the Congo where LEO was shutting down to bring back some people and cargo. As soon as we got back the whole squadron went to Mactan and we were there until December. I went home on leave over Christmas and as soon as I walked in the barracks Willy Singletary, our squadron clerk, told me orders had come in sending me to Naha.
  3. The Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Association Convention will be in San Antonio November 6-9. Visit our web site at www.troopcarrier.org/home.html for details.
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