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  1. Nc97 Many thanks indeed. Sorry about the work. One of those jobs you think you can sort out in a few hours but the spares you rob from another engine turn out to be different and people want to know why. Do you have the number for the oil pipe itself? The union has sheared off deep inside the nut and i don't have a workshop here. Thanks. Trev
  2. Hi Guys. Can anybody help me out with some part numbers i can't find in my IPC? Whilst enjoying a very pleasant flight yesterday NO.2 engine decided to dump all the engine oil in a very short time. When we got back i found that the adapter for the oil return pipe joining the accesory gearbox to the external scavenge pump had sheared in half. I need the part numbers for the oil pipe and the adapter. Also, when i went to borrow the parts from the grounded aircraft i found that some engines have an adapter that looks the same from the outside but has an oversize thread that screws into the gearbox. The YAF want to know why. Is it because of a different manufacturer for the gearbox or has the gearbox been reworked because of a worn insert? The part numbers i need are for the standard size adapter. Many thanks.
  3. Recommendation from a Lockheed Rep i asked this question to was to use 50% flap to reduce the stress on the tail at high power. Sure, it beats the hell out of your flaps but they can be re-skinned easily enough.
  4. All checks being carried out on engine ground runs. This is the only aircraft available.
  5. We have changed everything now. Keeps coming back to bad detectors.
  6. Give me power and give me the ability to fly and i don't give a s'''it about the rest. YAF pilot.
  7. Check your static system. Had a similar problem recently with the a/c porpoising 200ft with number 1 system coupled to the autopilot. A small leak from the hose to number one ADC was found.
  8. An explanation of EBH is readily available on Lockheed service news. Vol 30.
  9. Been flying nearly everday. Even at 20,000 ft the temp is only minus ten with no icing.
  10. We have mechanical ice detectors. 20 flights this week alone (paratroops) the ice detection system is turning itself on almost constantly. I am a C-130 ground test engineer. During ground test of the system, going to between reset and normal during test with the engines running the orange light should go on and off during the test cycle. This has never happenned. The on light goes off and stays off during the test cycle. Any help will be most appreciated. Flying with the a/c nearly everyday and seeing the problem.
  11. 33K Muscat To Tanzania to pick up three baby giraffes from the Serengeti for the Sultans private zoo. Low level over Kilimanjaro's glacier, drinking Kilimanjaro beer with the maori girls. One of my best trips.
  12. I have an on-going problem with the ice detection system switching it itself on in no icing conditions. I've swapped out everything in the system now and all wiring checks are good. The only spare ice detectors i have access to are coming from an aircraft where the system is known not to have worked in some time. In order to order new detectors i need to prove my current ones are unserviceable. Is there any bench check with a multimeter i can carry out to check the serviceability of ice detectors?
  13. Thanks Steve. Re-lubing the elevator torque tube brought the stick pull down nearly 4lbs.
  14. Anybody have any info on inspection criteria for tension regulators and how often they should be done? Don't think mine have been done in about 20 years. Thanks.
  15. Sorry i'm late in getting back to you but i've been busy getting ready for civil certification. Will pass on the part number for the kit i found. It's a Lockheed number for the full kit. Thanks for the part numbers, i recognize the numbers but trying to find a supplier for individual items was impossible. Never received a quote from my normal vendors. As for the ice detection problem i pretty much changed out the whole system including all the diodes and still could not cure it because all my spares are coming off a grounded aircraft where apparently the system hadn't worked in years. Finally got hold of an overhauled ice detector, took apart and cleaned the other ice detector, and changed the pulsing and hold relay at the same time. Last flight was ok but not sure if i've solved the problem yet or what might have cured it.
  16. I have asked to look into some weather radar problems. I am no radar expert but i assume that having your aircraft 'upgraded' with a bendix/king RDR 2100 weather radar is not normally done. If anybody else has this fit pls let me know. I am also looking for justification on why this fit should be removed so any technical information from an expert will be most appreciated. Many thanks.
  17. Service news Volume 14 No.1 has a good article on conserving turbine life by flying at reduced TIT.
  18. Many Thanks, problem over. Found all the cables i needed and done the job myself.
  19. Many thanks for the info. Found a never before opened yellow box in supply. A lockheed issued full harness set for all model GTF and TF20 fuel qauntity test sets. Got the part number if anybody is interested. Next problem, ask the instrument guys to calibrate the fuel system. Gave me a good rendition of men staring at goats. So, once again, out with the tech manual and teach yourself how to........
  20. Been spending a day off reading past threads. I used to work with an ex RAF CC who claimed he was on the flight. Apparently The AC, FE and NAV and one LM went out the back with the SAS guys somewhere in Africa. They were all court martialed.
  21. Anybody got the part numbers for a full cable set for either a GTF-6 or TF20-1A fuel qauntity test set? Somebody here has made off with all the cables for all the test sets. My T.O. says to locally manufacture, but that is not going to be possible in Yemen. Many thanks.
  22. If you are using fuel from the aux or external tanks at the time then suspect the plumbing in the dry bay. Had many leaks from this plumbing in flight that cannot be reproduced on the ground.
  23. Test crew were Yemen Air Force and myself.
  24. Even though #2 is testing good i'm thinking why the amber light is not going on and off during the test and will not reset when the system on light comes on. Pulsing Or Hold Relay?
  25. Asked them to fly with R/H ice detecter CB pulled.
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