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  1. Now wait a minute! I served my time (18 months) at Naha, before I got a consecutive overseas tour to CCK (15 months.) Without a leave also.! Thirty three months of "you numbah ten GI" . Barry (f4enut) knows what he is talking about---The 21st. was okay, but the 35th had superior personnel. Although I am still jealous of Sonny for being able to go AWOL in South Viet Nam with the Navy. And he got away with it!!! Sonny, if you get the time, re-tell that story. With pictures! You know I wish we had all known each other when we were there! Oh well, it looks like we all still have our memories and are able to share them. I do know I would do it all over again. Take care , Ken
  2. Mt.crewchief


    Our Blind Bat birds had a 400mm starlight night vision scope mounted on a chair in the right para-troop door. One of us was always sitting in that chair looking for trucks and other activity on the Ho Chi Minh trail. If enemy activity was spotted we called in air strikes and stayed on station and flared the targets so the fighters could see them. This picture is one I took through the scope of a fire ? on a river.
  3. Mt.crewchief


    Ronnie Hensley, a good friend from West Virginia that was stationed with me at Naha. He was killed while flying as crew member on an AC-130 Gunship flying out of Ubon Thailand in 1970. He and all but one of the crew members died in Laos. May you rest in peace Ron
  4. Mt.crewchief


    An armed F4 on its way North from Ubon .
  5. Mt.crewchief


    My two partners of 40 missions on BlindBat posing while we were performing an ADS check before crossing into enemy territory. This was done nightly to make sure we could jettison the flares in case of fire. Chris Carter on the left and Paul Henning (real loadmaster) on right. Missions were long and boring unless something happened, then they were far from boring. Sometimes you got the shit scared out of you!
  6. Mt.crewchief


    John Chase changing brakes at CRB
  7. Mt.crewchief


    This John Chase my assistant and good friend changing brakes at CRB on 62-1804.
  8. Mt.crewchief


    Back in Korea refueling on a mission on my plane.
  9. Mt.crewchief


    I served a 90 day, 40 mission tour at Ubon Thailand as a Loadmaster/Flare-kicker in 1968. I was taking my turn pre-flighting the flares and the dual rails before flight time that night. This was the mission named Blind Bat . We always flew in the dark with no lights on. All missions were flown over North Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia.
  10. Mt.crewchief


    It fit in the Cargo comp!
  11. Mt.crewchief


    Loading a small FAC chopper at Tan Son Nhut Viet Nam (Saigon)
  12. Mt.crewchief


    The load being squeezed into my bird at Cubi Point. Not a fun mission!
  13. Mt.crewchief


    Our load now hooked to back of truck at Osan Korea. Load was very heavy and just barely fit in the cargo compartment.
  14. Mt.crewchief


    Another taken on the way to Osan
  15. Taken on way from Cubi Point to Osan Korea.
  16. Mt.crewchief


    62-1804 parked and OR at Cubi Point PI
  17. Mt.crewchief


    Taegu continued!
  18. Mt.crewchief


    Approaching Taegu Korea on 62-1804 two day mission from Misawa hauling F4 troops to and from misawa.
  19. Mt.crewchief


    Another picture on way to Misawa Japan.
  20. Mt.crewchief


    Taken on the way to Misawa Japan on my plane 62-1804 and E-Model from CCK Only plane I ever stepped foot on while stationed at CCK from Mar. 1969- June 1970.
  21. Mt.crewchief


    My roommate at Naha , Gary Levesque (Gorf), getting the Airman's Medal for saving the day!
  22. Mt.crewchief


    One of the barracks on Herky Hill
  23. Mt.crewchief


    Road going to and from Herky Hill to the flightline.
  24. Same gal bringing in the laundry! The AF trucked in the workers (all female) to and from the village nearby.
  25. Hootch maid, at Herky Hill CRB Viet Nam. Could have bee taken in 1968, 69, ot 1970. Kind of my home away from home for 33 months.
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