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    Merry Christmas!!

    Good one Sonny! Merry Christmas to you and all of you forum members (and lurkers)! Ken
  2. Mt.crewchief

    Keystone Kapers

    Do any of you old Naha guys remember this book? I have asked about it before, but I called it the Naminoue Kapers due to CRS. Remember the Ryukian Islands were called the Keystone Islands? Anyway two guys named Dick Moore & Frank Mortenson wrote and printed this little book in 1967 and sold it for fifty cents. It has a lot of drawings/cartoons about the night life/girls in the bar districts in Okinawa. If you explored any, you know they were all the same! I just found the one I bought in 1967 and was sure I had owned one. I will eventually post pics of the covers and a few of the inside pages to see if you remember this book. I know that most of you will remember fondly the antics that are illustrated and acted out in the book. It's like a "this happened to me" story. At least for me most of it is humorous and kinda true! I can say, it is not professionally written , but you might have one you need to re-read----if I had bought it before I went downtown, I could have saved many dollars buying drinkee's for the Mitchiko's, and the Kimiko's etc. Also, waiting for the local lovely to meet you outside waiting for your date after the bar closed. Also, "mamasan have meeting, ten more minutes" . Also, the bomb hits when you and a couple other guys are all waiting for the same girl! All of those "drinkee's" you guys paid for on your $90.00 a month salary wasted! Of course if you did this again, you were a real sucker!! Just think of the fun we had during the war!! Ken
  3. Mt.crewchief

    Keystone Kapers

    When I got to CCK, I was a seasoned veteran from Naminoue Okinawa! But I believe I had an instructor with me! Steve Mudge was his name! He and a several other guys had already served a 13 month tour there, and got sent back after several months in the states! By then, I had also learned the ropes in Ubon also!! Later when at CCK I learned them in Bangkok also. (the Bangkok Shuttle)! Those were some unforgettable times ! Some good and some not so good! Ken Just to jog your CCK memories!
  4. Stillaround

      Welcome to the forum.  I hope you will stayaround and join in., 

    Ken and the other guys that have been hangingaround! 👍:classic_cool:

    1. Stillaround


      Thanks for the welcome!    I'llbearound for a while

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    Happy Birthday Casey

    Yes by all means Casey have a good one! Have another good day since I'm late! Pass the cake Sonny. Ken
  6. Mt.crewchief

    Veterans Day Thanks

    Thanks Billy, and thanks for your service also! I was a crew chief for 31 months in Viet Nam, and a crew member- Loadmaster/Flare Kicker for three months, 40 missions in Blind Bats out of Ubon. I know the feeling of going out to my designated plane for the night knowing I was in a plane pre - flighted by one of my peers. My crew never experienced any aborts or breakdowns on any of the 40 missions. By the way, my crew picture is in my gallery! I hope every one of you guys experience a nice day, Ken
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    Navy whatever --air show at Naha!
  8. Mt.crewchief


    Silver E-flight (21st. TAS) bird at Naha.
  9. Mt.crewchief


    Most of these guys on this blanket order were friends of mine at CCK. I am the 7th. from the top! Let me know if you see your name there! All good guys and I would love to see them all again!
  10. Mt.crewchief


    My Tech. School class on the hor. stabilizer of the oldest C-130 I ever saw. Also the first!! Wichita Falls 1967
  11. Mt.crewchief


    Cargo Compartment 62-1804 (CCK) ready to go! CRB Note picture is turned around or it is a rare bird with the entry on the wrong side!
  12. Mt.crewchief


    Tech School again---1967
  13. Mt.crewchief


    62-1804 (my bird at CCK) puking on the ramp at CRB 1970
  14. Mt.crewchief


    View of Pan Am "freedom bird" (or not), take from my spotless cargo compartment at CRB Viet Nam.
  15. Mt.crewchief


    Where we became propeller heads! Tech. School 1967
  16. Mt.crewchief


    Some rowdy guys drinking at the barracks at Naha during typhoon condition one. What what else was there to do? If you can name any of the guys let me know! I remember most of them but some I would like to contact them if possible! Thanks, Ken
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    Ubon Thailand 1968
  18. Mt.crewchief


    Small village on the north end of the island of Okinawa
  19. Mt.crewchief


    More mountain views from Herky Hill , CRB Viet Nam
  20. Mt.crewchief


    Cement road side billboard----typhoon proof----Okinawa
  21. Mt.crewchief


    C-123 Qui Non RVN
  22. Mt.crewchief


    Scenery from Herky Hill Viet Nam.
  23. Mt.crewchief


    C-123 Qui Non South Viet Nam
  24. Mt.crewchief


    Beautiful suburbs of Cam Rahn Bay !! Where most of the rockets came from---probably.
  25. Mt.crewchief


    Samlo and driver in Ubon Thailand