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Did anyone else watch the pilot episode of "Manifest?"  I don't now if they had a technical adviser or not; probably not.  The first 737 scene in flight is a -300 series or higher because of the flattened lower engine nacelles.  In subsequent scenes on the ground, it's an older model.  Then in the inflight cockpit scene, it shows a 3-engined airplane instrument panel.  I don't think it was a 727 -- didn't notice any fire handles.  And finally when ATC asks the captain how many passengers he has on board, he replies, "191."  Puleeze, give me a break.   The normal passenger configuration for a 737 is around 130, more or less, unless it's a stretches model.  Interesting show otherwise.

My girlfriend hates to watch aviation oriented movies or TV shows with me for obvious reasons.

Don R.

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