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Interesting article about possibly finding the C-130 taken by a Crew Chief Paul Meyer RAF Mildenhall


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Yes, it was an interesting article.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm glad he didn't publish the location.

As usual, I found some mistakes in it.  For one, there are/were no fighters based at Mildenhall.  I've read that the fighters scrambled were from Lakenheath.

Don R.

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Your correct Don,  As long as I can remember Mildenhall has always been primarily an airlift/tanker outfit.

At the time the 48th TFW at Lakenheath would have been equipped with F-100Ds. Remember standing on the hardstand at Mildenhall watching those 100s come barreling out of low overcast on final to Lakenheath and thinking those pilots are crazy.  If memory serves about the only nav aid on the 100 was ADF.  

I knew Paul Meyer well as he and I were in the same sqd. at one point.  He was a hard worker and a good flight line troop.  On the other hand, his personal life was a basket case, in part, because he was a very hard drinker.


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I was TDY from Dyess AFB TX and that bird was part of the 347 squadron from Dyess I was TDY with. I remember that day well. I worked in the Nav shop in Mildenhall  and heard that a flight mech has stolen a C130 and was talking to his wife when they said he said I have a problem... I also heard that they scrambled some fighters from Lakenheith (sp) and that they returned with some armament missing... Of a side note when we returned to Dyess four of the aircraft took off the day before we left and got to almost Goosebay when they discovered a British customs agent has stowed away on the aircraft... They turned around and came back and the next day we were really scrutinized as to who we were.... I also think they lost an C130 in Turkey.... I heard that the squadron commander was at the top of the (S) list and definitely didn't get and attaboy.

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When this event happened, my squadron 39th TAS out of Lockbourne was TDY to Rhein Main.

That particular day our C-130A (55-0015) was on our way to Bitburg Germany to pick up a mini-gun to take to Wheelus for sighting.

When we landed in Bitburg, our navigator informed us that he heard chatter from the Paris tower asking an aircraft to identify itself.

Our navigator also told us he had heard that a C-130 had been stolen from Mildenhall.

As we were waiting for the loadmaster to load our aircraft, I saw two F-4s take off.

I’m not making any conclusions about what I saw that day. But found it interesting.


3rd wiper (assistant) crew chief.

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