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TCAS problem

Kamrul Ahsan

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Hello brother

peace be upon you.


i am presently working in C-130B ac. For last few days, we are badly facing lots of problem regarding TCAS system. We couldn’t find the solution till now. Therefore, i thought to ask for the expert opinions in this forum.


Problem : In Tcas system in flight, the traffic positioned in above, maximum time shows opposite direction incl its distance, for few days we are also didn’t found traffic in specific headings. Today for instance, one single traffic showed in 3 position. We have changed the TCAS processor but problem remained same. Again sometimes traffic shows actual position. Its getting worse day by day for its confusing nature. What may be the probable cause? It is to be mentioned here that, traffic in below position shows accurate info. Is it the problem of upper antenna? Seeking your valuable opinion in this regard.


Thank you in advance.

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